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Want to import Victoria’s Secret? Tips for the 5 most desired products

Want to import Victoria’s Secret? Tips for the 5 most desired products


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Decided to import Victoria’s Secret? ViajaBox will help you with this task!

Considering the popularity of the brand, writing this article was not a simple task, as we are faced with a gigantic catalog.

World-renowned Victoria’s Secret has product lines that include lingerie, makeup, and accessories… as well as perfumes, moisturizers, and body splash. Yes, these are just a few types of Victoria’s Secret products, which are among the most sought after by Brazilian customers.

When buying on the American site, the savings can be as much as 90% on some products. In other words, it is very worthwhile to import these items.

Whether for resale or own use, Victoria’s Secret is a brand that touches your desire to get some products from the line.

Founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond in Ohio, USA, Victoria’s Secret came to change the consumer market among women.

If you are the least bit fashion savvy, you have certainly heard of the “Angels”, the beautiful models adorned with wings and dressed in high standard lingerie… often studded with precious stones at the collection launching shows and who have become icons of sensuality!

They know how to engage their audience like no one else, including the male audience! Nowadays that shyness that men had about entering a women’s store and buying lingerie is a thing of the past. Just as well!

Considering this information, let’s get to the point. Now take pen and paper and you can write everything down from now on because ViajaBox has separated 5 lines of indispensable products and we have also listed some products within each category.

Get to work:


Bombshell: it is simply the brand’s best-selling perfume, and for good reason. The fruity floral is a blend of citrus fruits, purple passion fruit, vanilla orchid and pine, resulting in a bright, cheerful and feminine fragrance.

Tease: a sweet, decidedly feminine fragrance, with a note of warm vanilla and fresh white flowers that are in the foreground, while a juicy pear maintains a freshness. Amazing perfume for summer nights, first dates, or whenever you want to attract attention. A knockout!

Heavenly: is one of Victoria’s Secret most original perfumes – hot, sensual and radiant! We can consider it as a high dose of bottled confidence. With notes of sweet vanilla, intoxicating sandalwood, creamy musk, and a touch of peony. Here, the subject is sophistication and glamour.

Very Sexy: like a sequined mini dress or bright red lipstick, Very Sexy is confident and bold. The concentrated juice advocates big notes like ripe clementine and sweet fruits initially, while warm woods develop in the skin over time. Provocative, this is a sophisticated perfume that catches the eye!

Body Splash

Body Splash is a line of scented cosmetics for the skin. With low concentrations, its smell is mild and is ideal for people who are sensitive to strong smells. We will show you our list with the best products we have selected so that you can get to know them.

Bare Vanilla: the best seller in the Secret Graden line, a fragrance that brings that light feeling, but with a sensual touch of apple.

Vanilla Love: ideal for romantic and sweet people, with cheerful and quiet energy. Its formula features vanilla and amber, ideal for colder climates.

Love Spell: made from chamomile extract and aloe vera that soothes and refreshes the skin. It belongs to the floral fruity olfactory family with sweet and peachy main notes, for those who like a sexy and smooth fragrance.

Amber Romence: composed of nourishing oils, oat extract and vitamin C and E. It contains a blend of vanilla, black cherry, sandalwood, and creme anglaise, which leave a delicious aroma while moisturizing.


On the official Victoria’s Secret website, you can check out the complete line of moisturizers. There, you can find the products organized as follows: moisturizing body lotion, nourishing hand and body lotion, liquid fragrance lotion, and body butter. Each category offers a level of hydration.

Based on customer reviews, some of the best selling products are:

Love Spell: In addition to moisturizing, the skin is left with a delicately sweet scent.

Amber Romance: With warm and sweet amber notes, this moisturizer provides intense hydration for a long time.

Coconut Passion: with a tropical aroma, it has a perfect combination of coconut and vanilla.

Pure Seduction Lotion: with a light texture it does not leave the skin greasy.

Aqua Kiss Lotion: leaves the skin super moisturized, with a soft, fresh scent.


Initially, the brand focused on this type of product. So much so that currently it has thousands of underwear options… models that include casual pieces for the day-to-day to the sexiest ones, from sober to the most vibrant colors. They don’t skimp on lace, ribbons, straps, prints, and transparency! Victoria’s Secret knows how to make an eye-catching piece.

Makeup and accessories

You can find for the face: several foundations, concealers, compact powder, blush, and illuminators; for the eyes: several eyeshadow colors, eyeliners, pencils, and eyelash mascara; for the lips: the most diverse lipstick shades, lip glosses, and lip moisturizers. You can still find brushes, sponges, and mirrors, all very charming and colorful,

Accessories include: bags, purses, purses, card holders, travel bags, beach bags, wallets, watches, earrings, and necklaces.


We saw a little bit of the variety that Victoria’s Secret offers, however, we will not find a physical store in Brazil, or you buy from resellers who work with the products or you can import directly from the USA, taking advantage of better prices, discounts and promotions.

To assist in the import process the ViajaBox provides the service of order forwarding e assisted purchasewhere you can buy and receive your products from home, you just need to register on our site to receive an American address, where ViajaBox will receive your orders and then ship them to you wherever you are.

If you enjoyed discovering a little more about “Secrets of Victoria”, tell us your preference among so many options, understanding what our readers appreciate is very important to us.

See you soon!


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