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    Importer's life, Tutorials

    How to open a complaint on the Post Office website

    Introduction The Post Office is a fundamental part of the process of receiving international parcels in Brazil. However, sometimes there can be problems such as delays, loss, damage or other unforeseen events that affect the delivery of items from abroad. […]

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    See in this article what are the main advantages of package consolidation

    Introduction Not everyone is aware of this, but package consolidation can be of great help to save considerably and simplify the import of products from the United States. The search for alternative sources of income, whether to supplement monthly income […]

    Importing PROFIT, Tutorials

    What are the best drones to import in 2023

    In this article, you will see some options of the best drones to import in 2023. You will know in detail which drone suits you best Importing drones has become a common practice these days because it is a high-tech […]

    Creative Import, Tutorials

    Import Makeup Case With Viajabox

    For a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover, it is essential to have the best accessories and products among the ones we have available in the market. As we can imagine, a makeup case is an indispensable item to […]

    One Step Ahead, Tutorials

    How to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023

    Amazon Prime Day has become a megavendor story, a shopping event that has come to shake up the online retail industry. Launched in 2015 the event takes place annually over two days and is always a great success. Last Prime […]

    Importing PROFIT, Stay tuned, Tutorials

    Sites to import Skip Hop backpacks see 3 models of the brand

    See in this article, how to import skip hop backpacks… a product of unquestionable quality and extensive variety in products. Founded in 2003, Skip Hop’s products are geared towards babies and toddlers. Backpacks, lunch boxes, pots, squeezes, and other accessories. […]

    Did you know?, Import History, Tutorials

    All about Packet Standard Import and how a parcel forwarder can help

    Standard Packet Import Today, importing is an activity of great importance for the full functioning of several areas of society. Even if you don’t realize it, you are enjoying and living with the help of products and inputs from small […]

    Import Theories, Tutorials

    How to import from the USA safely and easily with only one Viajabox account

    Introduction When it comes to “How to import from USA”, Viajabox is the order redirector that can offer all the support you need, whether you are a beginner importer or one with some experience. You can count on a capable […]

    Did you know?, Importer's life, Tutorials

    Top 8 categories of products to import from the USA and sell in Brazil

    If you want to import from the US to sell in Brazil, see the tips Viajabox has listed in this article, and remember that purchase redirection can give you access to just about anything you want to import. Get ready, […]

    One Step Ahead, Tutorials

    6 tips on how to succeed in your imported goods store

    Having an imported goods store can be an extremely profitable business, but to be successful, you need to have solid planning and implement effective strategies. With that in mind, ViajaBox will share some important tips that will help you succeed […]