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Here are 4 great sites to import basketball jerseys from the United States

Here are 4 great sites to import basketball jerseys from the United States


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Importing basketball team jerseys can be an economical choice with the assurance of getting authentic products

For basketball fans, a nice T-shirt of your favorite team is a must-have in your closet. They symbolize all the tradition of a team and of course eternalize the players who wear them.

Although Brazil is world-renowned as a soccer country, the famous NBA team sweatshirts have become very popular among Brazilians.

We can mention several current teams, each with its own profile and popularity, but we will comment a little on the most famous teams in the NBA, one of the main professional basketball leagues in the world.

Some of the top teams in the NBA:

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls jersey 23 is undoubtedly one of the most famous, for years it was worn by none other than Michael Jordan who is considered one of the best players of all time. In the 1990s Jordan made history wherever he went, led the Chicago Bulls to six championships and set numerous records. It really is a great T-shirt!

Los Angeles Lakers

Another team recognized for its spectacular games and its top players like Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant is the Los Angeles Lakers. This team has no less than 17 titles to date.

Kobe wore jersey number 8 for years, winning five championships and elected All-Star 18 times, unfortunately Kobe passed away in 2020, but left a memorable legacy.


The most representative jersey of the Boston Celtics team is jersey 33, worn by Larry Bird, a player with exceptional talent, won three titles and received several awards, and was in the lead at the Olympic games in 1992 where the United States took the gold medal.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers team has had the iconic LeBron James for a few years wearing the number 23 jersey, with this jersey he provided the first title for the team today must be one of the most popular players, known for his extremely well elaborated and versatile moves, he is currently part of the Lakers team.

Golden State Warriours

The Warriors a basketball team from San Francisco, California, who are known for their talented players and exciting style of play. With Stephen Curry, known for his long-range shooting, leading the team, wearing the number 30 jersey, they have won several NBA titles in recent years.

Knowing a little bit about these teams and players, you can get a sense of what a T-shirt represents to the fans. They are pieces that carry the history and legacy of a team.

Now ViajaBox will suggest 4 reliable sites, so that you can guarantee yours, research well before buying and be careful not to buy counterfeit and poor quality products.

Sites where you can find the T-shirts:

NBA Store

There is nothing better and more reliable than buying from the official website of the American basketball league, for sure this is the place to find not only the jersey models, but also caps, sweatshirts, jackets and other basketball related items. You can be sure that if you are looking for something new, this is the place.


On this site you will find numerous items related to various sports including NBA, and the cool thing about this store is that it offers a customizing service, so you can create unique pieces.


Known for having a wide variety of basketball and sports products in general, there you can also find shoes like Nike, Adidas, Jordan and of course countless NBA jerseys.


Footlocker is a global retailer of sporting goods, on the site you will find a huge diversity of products, they often run promotions and offer free shipping to customers.


ViajaBox presented only 4 sites for you to import, but there are many others, always be careful to find a quality reseller to buy original products. Always research prices, sometimes you can find a better offer from one site to another.

Now that you know where to find your T-shirt, and importing products from the United States almost always guarantees savings, have fun and choose a T-shirt of your favorite team. Enter our site and make your registration, ViajaBox offers the redirection service, you can count on the assisted purchase option in case you encounter some difficulty, the important thing is to guarantee success in your import.

Do you like basketball? Let us know in the comments which team is your favorite. If you would like to leave a suggestion for a topic, feel free, we would love to bring topics of interest to you.

Until next time.


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