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    Creative Import

    We have listed 13 American websites that offer cheap children’s clothing at unbeatable prices!

    It is a well-known fact that children get bigger than their clothes faster than you can imagine. What fits them this week may not fit them next month. But don’t worry, because we have a list of the top 14 […]

    Creative Import, Tutorials

    Import the best Makeup Case and other authentic accessories with help from Viajabox

    For a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover, it is essential to have the best accessories and products among the ones we have available in the market. As we can imagine, a makeup case is an indispensable item to […]

    Creative Import, Import Master

    Import Toys from the United States – see 5 products

    Importing toys from the United States is always an excellent alternative to save money, not to mention that we can buy the most diverse launches in the segment. Nowadays there is a large amount of online content that children consume. […]

    Creative Import, Importing PROFIT

    Want to import Victoria’s Secret? Tips for the 5 most desired products

    Decided to import Victoria’s Secret? ViajaBox will help you with this task! Considering the popularity of the brand, writing this article was not a simple task, as we are faced with a gigantic catalog. World-renowned Victoria’s Secret has product lines […]

    Creative Import, Importing PROFIT

    Sites to import Skip Hop backpacks… see 3 models of the brand

    Skip Hop backpacks are very high quality models. For your children, Skip Hop is a useful product for many occasions when they need to carry school supplies, food, clothes or whatever is necessary. Worth checking out ViajaBox approached this subject […]

    Creative Import, Tutorials

    How to import iPhone from USA to Brazil with the help of ViajaBox in 6 steps

    If you are wondering how to import an iPhone from the USA to Brazil, you can rest assured. With the help of an order redirector like ViajaBox, the whole process becomes easier and safer. In this article, we will show […]

    Creative Import, Stay tuned

    4 websites to import Invicta watches

    Only those who have ventured to import Invicta watches for men, know the success that the brand is among the Brazilian public. This is not news to those who are importers and to those who are not! For we are […]

    Creative Import, Stay tuned

    Importing Action Figures: an infinite market to be explored

    Find out why importing action figures is a highly profitable world with a vast product line Action Figures, which in its literal translation means Action Figures, are in their original concept, figures from cartoons and comics action stories. They are […]

    Creative Import, Stay tuned

    10 American websites for shopping: check out the best options!

    Want to shop in the United States, but don’t know where to start? In this article, we will introduce some of the best American sites for shopping and also explain why you should have the ViajaBox redirector as the best […]

    Creative Import, Import Master, Importer's life

    3 banks that help you save money when importing from the United States

    ViajaBox gives you tips on some banks with very advantageous rates for your imports Importing from the United States is already a widely popular activity among the Brazilian public, and one thing that not every importer knows is that there […]