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    Importer's life, Stay tuned

    ViajaBox has separated 7 American clothing brands that are very successful in Brazil

    It is no wonder that American clothing brands are always at the top of the list of most cost-effective imported products. With quality, style, and modern design, companies from the land of Uncle Sam have conquered the hearts of Tupiniquim […]

    Importer's life, One Step Ahead

    How to import perfumes from the United States: 5 tips to help you

    Importing perfumes from the United States is a way to buy original products at more affordable prices If you are thinking about importing perfumes, this mission can be easier than you think. By following these tips you can secure your […]

    Did you know?, Importer's life, Tutorials

    Top 8 categories of products to import from the USA and sell in Brazil

    If you want to import from the US to sell in Brazil, see the tips Viajabox has listed in this article, and remember that purchase redirection can give you access to just about anything you want to import. Get ready, […]

    Importer's life, Importing PROFIT

    See 4 brands to import sunglasses from the United States

    Dear reader, if you are looking to know how to import brand name sunglasses that combine style and quality, we have prepared this article exactly for you. Today, ViajaBox has separated four sunglass brands that are among the most popular […]

    Importer's life, Stay tuned, Tutorials

    How a parcel forwarder can help you manage your imports and shipments with “My Post Office

    “Having a registration in this environment of the Post Office website is more than important, it is fundamental for, in some cases, an import to be completed” Parcel forwarding is a service offered by ViajaBox that unites economy, agility, and […]

    Import Theories, Importer's life, Tutorials

    10 Tips on How to Import from the USA

    How to Import from the USA Importing products from the United States can be a great way to have access to a wider variety of products and more competitive prices. However, importing can also be a complicated process, especially if […]

    Importer's life, Importing PROFIT

    Is it worth importing from the United States to sell in Brazil?

    In this article, we will look at some important points about selling imported products Importing is definitely a great opportunity to have your own business. Selling imported goods in Brazil can be the source of income you were missing, and […]

    Creative Import, Import Master, Importer's life

    3 banks that help you save money when importing from the United States

    ViajaBox gives you tips on some banks with very advantageous rates for your imports Importing from the United States is already a widely popular activity among the Brazilian public, and one thing that not every importer knows is that there […]

    Importer's life, Tutorials

    Why is PayPal one of the Best Import Tools?

    In this article ViajaBox explains why PayPal is an indispensable tool when it comes to making your imports. At the end, we leave a short tutorial for you to open your account without complications. If you have heard of a […]

    Creative Import, Importer's life, Stay tuned

    The 8 best months of the year to shop in the USA

    How you can shop for year-round savings on your imports by following Uncle Sam’s calendar Sam’s calendar Doing your shopping in the USA has never been so easy! We know that the American calendar has many commemorative dates. Of course, […]