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    Customs Inspection Finished

    What does Finalized Customs Inspection mean? Customs inspection is an essential process in the import and export of goods. This procedure is conducted by the customs agencies of each country and its main objective is to verify the conformity of […]

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    4 brands of filming equipment to import from the United States

    We have brought you 4 brands of filming equipment, including cameras, lenses, and accessories to help you when it comes time to import. When it comes to photography and filming equipment, there is so much technology involved in this segment, […]

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    See which are the 10 best selling imported perfumes of the moment

    ViajaBox has gathered the 10 best selling imported perfumes and some websites where you can buy them. In this article, there will be no shortage of options for aromatic notes, fixation, fragrance, and brands well known for their perfume lines. […]

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    ViajaBox has separated 7 American clothing brands that are very successful in Brazil

    It is no wonder that American clothing brands are always at the top of the list of most cost-effective imported products. With quality, style, and modern design, companies from the land of Uncle Sam have conquered the hearts of Tupiniquim […]

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    Here are 4 great sites to import basketball jerseys from the United States

    Importing basketball team jerseys can be an economical choice with the assurance of getting authentic products For basketball fans, a nice T-shirt of your favorite team is a must-have in your closet. They symbolize all the tradition of a team […]

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    Sites to import Skip Hop backpacks see 3 models of the brand

    See in this article, how to import skip hop backpacks… a product of unquestionable quality and extensive variety in products. Founded in 2003, Skip Hop’s products are geared towards babies and toddlers. Backpacks, lunch boxes, pots, squeezes, and other accessories. […]

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    Importing iPhone from previous years, is it worth it?

    Importing iPhone, even if it is of a previous generation, can be a great opportunity to make a good deal Hello, today we will talk in this blog about why importing previous generation iPhone directly from the United States may […]

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    ViajaBox Import Course

    Hierarchy in content Thinking about how importing has become such a professionalized environment, we launched the ViajaBox Import Course with all the necessary techniques for you to finally be able to do your importing without leaving any doubts at any […]

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    How a parcel forwarder can help you manage your imports and shipments with “My Post Office

    “Having a registration in this environment of the Post Office website is more than important, it is fundamental for, in some cases, an import to be completed” Parcel forwarding is a service offered by ViajaBox that unites economy, agility, and […]