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    ViajaBox: The Best Order Redirector in the USA

    An order redirector is a great option for you who want to shop in other countries, especially in the USA where the best and most exclusive products imaginable are. There are several companies that offer this service such as ViajaBox, […]

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    Safe Packaging with ViajaBox: Guaranteeing the Protection of your Shipments

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    Introduction Exchanging an imported product, at first, may seem like a more complicated mission than it actually is. And above that, the attraction to shop abroad has always been strong among Brazilians. After all, the diversity of products is wide […]

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    How to import from the USA safely and easily with only one Viajabox account

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    ViajaBox Import Course

    Hierarchy in content Thinking about how importing has become such a professionalized environment, we launched the ViajaBox Import Course with all the necessary techniques for you to finally be able to do your importing without leaving any doubts at any […]

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    Get to know 3 specific tools to save on imports

    Introduction Import savings always come to mind when we think about the reasons why we buy from the United States, and we understand why so many people decide to become importers. Through this activity, we have access to items that […]

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    Assisted Buy – 6 reasons to use it in your imports

    Understand how using the assisted purchasing feature can be advantageous to your import Assisted Buy is one of the most convenient ways to buy on an American website. Because the purpose of it is precisely to uncomplicate the process of […]

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    10 Tips on How to Import from the USA

    How to Import from the USA Importing products from the United States can be a great way to have access to a wider variety of products and more competitive prices. However, importing can also be a complicated process, especially if […]

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    How to shop securely online

    Here are some important points to keep in mind when shopping online at unfamiliar sites Have you ever stopped shopping online because you were afraid something might happen to your data? If your answer is yes, ViajaBox is here to […]