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How to import from the USA safely and easily with only one Viajabox account

How to import from the USA safely and easily with only one Viajabox account


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When it comes to “How to import from USA”, Viajabox is the order redirector that can offer all the support you need, whether you are a beginner importer or one with some experience.

You can count on a capable team to help you in all stages of your import.

Through our relationship channels such as WhatsApp or the e-mail, you can get the necessary information to solve any doubts about the process.

Receiving products in your Brazilian address

Using a good parcel forwarder like ViajaBox this becomes very simple, just follow the steps below and you will be able to perform your imports as soon as you wish:

1 – Create an account at and through this registration, you will have an address totally yours in the USA provided free of charge by ViajaBox so that you can receive the products you bought in American sites. It is a quick, easy, and free registration.

2 – Choose the site of your choice and make your purchases. This is when you will use the address that ViajaBox provided.

3 – Once your products arrive, the ViajaBox team will photograph them item by item so that you can see them in your account and also so that you can make a brief assessment of the condition in which the product arrived.

3.1 – At the moment the product is registered, you will also be notified by e-mail.

4 – The next step is to create the shipping of your products to your Brazilian address, and you also do this with ease by accessing your ViajaBox account, selecting the items that will go inside the box, and making the payment.

5 – After payment confirmation, your order will be shipped within 24 hours and you will receive the tracking code of the object to follow it until it arrives at your address.

Support for shopping on American sites

This is a time when the importer needs to have tranquility. For besides buying at the time when your product will be at the best price, you need to use a payment method that is effective so that you don’t have problems when you get the product.

Assisted Buy

And for those of you who don’t have an international card, or don’t feel completely confident buying from foreign sites, ViajaBox also offers the assisted purchase service, a super practical way to get your products.

Through this tool, we will make the purchase for you.

Benefits of your ViajaBox account

ViajaBox offers with a points program, where for every shipment you make you will receive one point. For every 4 points accumulated, you get a discount coupon for the next shipment.

You can also take advantage of the Affiliate Program. Once your account is created, you have your own affiliate link to provide to anyone.

Whenever one of your affiliates makes a shipment, you will be rewarded with dollar credits in your ViajaBox account.

Fast and safe shipping from the USA to Brazil

As a good parcel forwarder, ViajaBox offers freight types where you can opt for agility in the total shipping time, choosing freights that have priority for the carriers and the Brazilian Post Office.

You can take out insurance for each of your shipments. This insurance will cover one hundred percent of the declared value in case of loss or misplacement of the item.

Furthermore, you can compare ViajaBox ‘s shipping prices and services with those of any parcel forwarder and you will find that shipping with us is quite economical.


If you had any doubts, now you know that ViajaBox is your order redirector. For it is a company that unites efficiency, security, and economy in the services offered… guaranteeing, above all, your satisfaction with each completed import.

And if you have any questions, please contact us through our WhatsApp or email Besides general information, you can receive explanatory videos to make you feel fully informed.

Or if you prefer, leave a comment below to learn how to import from the US using ViajaBox as an order redirector.


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