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All about Packet Standard Import and how a parcel forwarder can help

All about Packet Standard Import and how a parcel forwarder can help


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Standard Packet Import

Today, importing is an activity of great importance for the full functioning of several areas of society. Even if you don’t realize it, you are enjoying and living with the help of products and inputs from small and large imports… every day.

From beauty items to electronics… from shoes to computer chips, the vast majority of these products are imported. A good part of it comes from the United States.

Besides the price of the products, and the guarantee of originality, importing from the USA still counts with shipping very offered by ViajaBox that is the Packet Standard, and its price really makes an import even more interesting!

The Packet Standard Import – created by the Brazilian Post Office – was a watershed for the average importer who needed an efficient and affordable option.

And that’s why Viajabox is a parcel forwarder that believed so strongly in the potential of this shipment.

This shipment has become essential for small, day-to-day imports – Packet Standard Importation carries packages of up to 66 pounds (approximately 30 kilograms), and its route takes an average of 20 days.

Its code has an ending BR, which means that it is a product of the Brazilian Post Office, and passing through customs, your package is practically treated as a domestic package, which facilitates any dealings with the Post Office.

For the service this freight offers, its cost is considered low, and you can simulate the price of a shipment at any time on the ViajaBox website by going to the home page and following the path in the following video:

Packet Express Import

In addition to Standard Packet, there is also Express Packet shipping, which is an even better option – purely and simply because of its fast delivery.

The path taken by the two types of freight from the USA to Brazil is the same, with no differentiation in their logistics.

However, after these items arrive on Brazilian soil, they are treated differently by the Brazilian Post Office, because the Standard enters the country as PAC and the Express enters as SEDEX.

As we well know, SEDEX is a priority shipping method, and part of its route is taken by plane, which makes it much faster for an object transported in this mode to reach its final destination.

How an order redirector helps you to use these freights

The role of the parcel forwarder is fundamental, because he is the one who closes contracts with the best carriers in the USA and with the Brazilian Post Office so that you can use Packet Standard Import and Packet Express Import.

In addition, the forwarder usually offers extra services such as shipping insurance and security materials to better fit your products into the box it will be transported in. Because the Packet table only provides the initial shipping price based on the weight of the package.

This is why the parcel forwarder is so important, because it improves a service that is already good by nature, and ViajaBox offers you all this for a considerably fair price in both Packet Standard Import and Packet Express.

And to finish…

…now you know the most common types of freight used when importing from the USA to Brazil with ViajaBox.

Whenever you are going to perform an import, remember to choose an order redirector that you can trust and that has been in the market for a long time.

ViajaBox is among the companies with the largest quantity of boxes sent from the USA to Brazil in the Packet Standard and Packet Express freights.

If you want to start in the import world, count on us to make your shipments without any difficulty. Just contact us through our WhatsApp or email

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See you next time!


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