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See in this article what are the main advantages of package consolidation

See in this article what are the main advantages of package consolidation


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Not everyone is aware of this, but package consolidation can be of great help to save considerably and simplify the import of products from the United States.

The search for alternative sources of income, whether to supplement monthly income or start a business of their own, makes the prospect of bringing products from the US for resale quite attractive.

However, one of the challenges is the cost of the purchase freight, which ends up making an import a little more expensive. And to save on shipping, ensure the safe arrival of products and buy several items at once, use the package consolidation service, which we will detail below!

What is package consolidation?

This service consists of grouping several different items into a single package, at the moment when the customer decides to send their items to their address.

There are companies, such as ViajaBox, which, through a simple registration, provide an address to receive purchases made in the United States. The company receives the products, stores them in the customer’s suite and, when requested, ships them in a single package.

As for the packaging, you have the power of decision: the extra contents that came with the product such as labels, stickers can be kept or discarded; you can send your products only with the original packaging or even the product without packaging. It will all depend on how much you want to reduce costs without risking damage to the goods during transportation.

What are the main advantages of package consolidation?

Freight savings

International shipping, using the most economical method – Packet Standard – costs $23.58 for a package weighing up to 1 pound (the most commonly used unit of weight in the US).

In other words, if you consolidate your products into a single box, you will only pay a small surcharge for every extra 1 pound, instead of paying an extra $23.58, because in Packet Standard, the amount you pay for 2 pounds is $28.70. Do the math and see the savings!

Receipt of products in one go

Suppose you have bought several products from different online stores. Despite making the purchases on the same date, the shipment may have been made at different times, which means that they will not arrive together.

By consolidating packages, you will receive all the goods at once and you won’t have to worry about whether your product is on its way or if there were any problems along the way.

Consolidating packages can also prevent anxiety!

Transport safety

As mentioned earlier, you can choose the best way to consolidate your packages; however, the companies that provide this service care about the security of the order.

Even if you want to give up all original packaging, if this is seen as a risk of damage to the product, the company will inform you of the problem before shipping and offer a safer alternative, such as filling with bubble wrap.

Customer satisfaction

If you work with reselling products, receiving one order at a time can be a problem. On the other hand, receiving everything at once provides credibility and guarantees customer satisfaction!

Package consolidation is really a great business for those who work with resale of imported products, isn’t it? But it is essential to hire the services of specialized companies with a good reputation in the market.

ViajaBox is a reference in assisted purchasing. It offers services such as parcel redirection, box storage for in-person pickup or shipping, mail forwarding, package consolidation, and Whatsapp service.

Would you like to better understand how the services work? Contact us now!


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