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Nike Dunk Low and Jordan 1: Two of the best sneakers to import from the United States

Nike Dunk Low and Jordan 1: Two of the best sneakers to import from the United States


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Sneakers have always been a famous item in any outfit. There are those who believe that different models change the whole personality of a look, and this has been taken more and more seriously by those who make a point of worshiping shoes in general.

And in this article, the ViajaBox Blog will try to explore the import potential of two old Nike models that, despite their age, are increasingly current, in addition to receiving reinterpretations and breathtaking versions of those who enjoy the well-known “Sneakers”.

As the universe of sneakers is proportional to a galaxy, our editorial staff highlights in this simple article, the iconic Jordan 1, and Dunk Low… that have occupied – even before the closets – the hearts of living beings at the cost of a glance, bringing a Greco-mythological vibe of when men turned to stone when staring into the eyes of Meduza. Many feel petrified!

Get to work!

Dunk Low

To start slowly, let’s go to the model of equal appeal, but with more modest dimensions, which is the Dunk Low. This model is simply a classic, and why not say a joker! This sneaker never tires of getting beautiful versions, with the most varied types of materials and color combinations. All the parts that this model takes, allows each of its areas to receive a material of various types such as leather and fabric of high quality and colors that dialogue very well with each other, exhibiting an exquisite geometry and combination that give a very relaxing look in the product.

This balance – broken time and again – brings us that sense of peace whenever we encounter some linearity in the forms before us. And why wouldn’t we feel the same way about a sneaker! Isn’t it?

Although this sneaker was designed for basketball, the model is also part of the brand’s SB family (skateboarding). And this new utility in the Dunk was discovered little by little around the 2000s, where the model gained popularity in the skateboarding scene. Skateboarders appreciated the sneaker’s durability and style, making it an icon of skate culture.

Jordan 1

This model is so iconic that they recently produced a film of global proportion in an attempt to explain the relevance this artifact has to sneaker culture. Among other words, controversial rapper Kanye West said he “thinks it’s absurd that a black man can’t (or afford to) wear a Jordan”. This phrase from the singer strongly affirms the appeal and representativeness that the model has in black American culture – and why not say, worldwide. For it is an item that bears the name of Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time. This combination resulted in a sales success that was difficult to control and nurture.

Because to purchase certain launches, the brand announces day and time when an item will be available for purchase. And depending on the model, the most sought-after numbers sell out in a few minutes and this makes some launches treated as real events eagerly awaited over months.

Where to find

Naturally, Nike’s American website is the most suitable environment to find the two models discussed in this article. Firstly, for the certification of authenticity of the products and secondly, for the warranty period against manufacturing defects that the brand offers to its customers. Where, in the event of any malfunction presented within the warranty period, the manufacturer exchanges the product or refunds the money, and this is at the customer’s discretion.

There are several other websites where we can find new or used sneakers in excellent condition. Two of them which are Goat and Stock X have already been covered in a beautiful article here on the ViajaBox Blog. In addition to the sites mentioned by us in this previous article, you can go to the Amazon website, or even to the eBay website if you are looking for a used item, because, as every consumer who is part of this culture, knows that there is immense supply and demand for specimens that are difficult to find in physical or virtual storefronts. And so buying a used item presents itself as a great solution.

How to import

ViajaBox is a parcel forwarder that sends products anywhere in the world. Regardless of the country you are in, you can get a shipping quote for your Nike Jordan or Dunk using our shipping simulator. To do this simulation, simply inform yourself about the weight of the product and enter this data in the simulation screen as shown in the video below.

And to import the product to your address, simply create your account for free on the ViajaBox website. Once your registration is complete, you will have a US address to receive your purchases made in the United States. From this moment, you can send products to your suite and ship to your address in your country afterwards. Redirection is very useful in cases where the manufacturer does not ship its products to another country. In addition to this functionality, you can still receive your purchases in your suite ViajaBox to check that everything is in order with your product before making the final shipment to your address, because if the product presents any malfunction or anomaly in its operation, you will have time and proximity to the manufacturer or seller to exchange or return your item. ViajaBox has been operating in the redirection market for almost 10 years, making it one of the most consolidated companies in the industry.

If you still have any questions about the information in this article, don’t hesitate to use the comments box below to clarify any doubts.

See you soon!

With collaboration from Joe Fernandes


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