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ViajaBox Import Course

ViajaBox Import Course


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Hierarchy in content

Thinking about how importing has become such a professionalized environment, we launched the ViajaBox Import Course with all the necessary techniques for you to finally be able to do your importing without leaving any doubts at any part of the process. For without organized guidance in stages, every beginning importer has to resort to loose content without much criterion or even proven effectiveness.

For decades, importers have already ventured trying to realize products from other countries and continents even without any reference or help from anyone, because this activity has always existed. Nowadays, this scenario has changed a lot and it can be said that importing is a professional activity, where those who know its particularities, are more successful in bringing the most diverse items from abroad.

This is what we see on YouTube for example, where we find millions of videos of all kinds, but without any organization. This is the reality of many users who simply pile up their knowledge by drinking from sources that offer no connection between one content and another. You need a method that respects the hierarchy of information, and in this Course, you have all this organization and support at your disposal.

Relevant topics

With the ViajaBox Import CourseYou will learn all the necessary steps for an international purchase, modules such as “What is Redirection and what is its importance” clarify, among other things, how important it is to have a redirector that you trust completely to receive the purchases you make in the United States and then send them to your Brazilian address. Or the modules “Buying Procedures” and “Finding Good Sellers” that cover the basics of buying without loose ends, and of trustworthy sellers within the most famous sites in the United States.

Guaranteed return

And if you already intend to take your first steps in the import world, know that by acquiring this course, you will see this new stage of your professional life as a commitment. Because by making this investment, you will be committing yourself to master once and for all all all the knowledge necessary to become an importer ready to send everything you need to Brazil, saving money in every possible step.

A person who knows all the secrets of importing, not only saves money by buying items that he needs for his daily life, but he can make this activity the complement of his monthly income and who knows, it can be his main source of income if it is necessary at some point, as we have observed in several clients and students of Viajabox Import Course, who have had their financial realities totally transformed by importing.

Get a super gift from ViajaBox

By purchasing the course, you enjoy all these advantages and possibilities, and still get a super gift: the entire amount invested is reversed as credits in your account at ViajaBox so that you can pay for the first shipments to successfully complete your first imports plus this savings. To receive the credits in your account, simply wait seven days after the purchase and request the dollar amount via ViajaBox WhatsApp or email

Experienced teachers

The ViajaBox Import Course is made by people who have been in this business for almost ten years. Throughout this period, we have watched closely how this activity has evolved and how new shipping techniques and ways to save money have emerged, and even how and when to buy and from whom it is safe to buy. All of this was organized in modules that respect the importance of this information at each stage of learning, using a simple and uncomplicated language.

To purchase the Course, simply click on the link and make your purchase. And if any questions arise, please contact ViajaBox so we can help you through the process. Let’s learn how to import!

See you soon!


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