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Safe Packaging with ViajaBox: Guaranteeing the Protection of your Shipments

Safe Packaging with ViajaBox: Guaranteeing the Protection of your Shipments


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If you’re an avid importer who loves to explore exclusive products and rarities from around the world, you know that a crucial part of this exciting process is ensuring that your orders reach you in perfect condition. After all, once you’ve put in the time, effort and enthusiasm to find that special item, the last thing you want is for it to be damaged in transit. This is where the importance of secure packaging comes in when using forwarding companies, and ViajaBox is here to help ensure that your boxes reach you safely.

The Art of Packing Wisely

By taking advantage of the services of a redirection company like ViajaBox, you have the opportunity to acquire incredible products from all over the world, many of which can be unique and difficult to replace. Proper packaging is therefore essential to preserve the integrity of these precious items.

ViajaBox understands the importance of safe packaging and offers some valuable tips to ensure that your products are protected as much as possible during international transportation:

1. quality materials

Before starting to pack your items, ViajaBox makes sure it has high-quality packaging materials at its disposal. Sturdy boxes, protective fillers such as bubble wrap, crumpled paper or foam, and durable adhesive tape are essential to ensure adequate protection.

2. We protect items individually

When packing fragile or valuable items, it is essential to protect them individually. We wrap each item in crumpled paper or bubble wrap, especially if they are items that can break, scratch or dent easily.

3. We use the right boxes

Choosing the right size of box is crucial for the safety of your products. We opt for boxes that fit your items without leaving too much empty space, as excessive movement inside the box can cause damage.

4. Protective layers

When packing several items in a single box, make sure you create layers of protection between them. Use crumpled paper, foam or bubble wrap to create a protective barrier between the items.

An effective strategy to further strengthen the packaging of your items is to opt for a double wall when packing them in cardboard boxes. This technique involves using two layers of cardboard, one inside the other, to create a more resistant and durable structure.

By adopting the double wall, you are essentially adding an extra layer of protection to the boxes. This can be particularly useful when packing heavy, fragile or irregularly shaped objects, which can put pressure on the boxes or be subject to impacts during transportation.

Double-walled boxes offer a significant advantage in terms of resistance to dents, tears and external damage. This approach is especially valuable when you want to ensure that your items reach their final destination in perfect condition, even after rigorous handling and transportation.

Remember that by reinforcing your boxes with a double wall, you are investing in the protection of your products and the quality of the import experience. This simple measure can make a big difference in preserving the integrity of your international treasures, ensuring that they reach you exactly as they were purchased.

All you have to do is make a request in the comments field of the shipment or by contacting ViajaBox customer service.

5. Clear identification

ViajaBox always takes care to clearly label the box with information such as “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” to alert handlers to the delicate contents.

ViajaBox: Your Partner in Safe Importing

Well, ViajaBox is not only a forwarding company with a creative name, but it is also an ally in ensuring that your international purchases reach you in perfect condition.

By choosing ViajaBox for your redirection needs, you are choosing a dedicated team that values the security of your products as much as you do. Whether it’s designer clothes, state-of-the-art electronics, unique decorative items or niche products, ViajaBox is ready to ensure that your purchases are packed, shipped and delivered with maximum protection.

Set up your mailings wisely

Carefully selecting the heaviest items and keeping their original packaging is one step towards ensuring that these products reach their final destination without dents or damage. When you choose to import products that have a considerable weight, such as robust electronics or solid decorative objects, it is crucial to consider not only the method of packaging, but also maintaining the integrity of the original packaging.

The original packaging, designed by the manufacturer, offers an additional layer of protection. It is specifically designed to accommodate the product securely and minimize the chance of dents or damage during transport. By keeping this original packaging, you are enjoying an additional level of security, as it has been designed to withstand transportation.

Be careful of putting too many heavy items in the same shipment

When it comes to importing heavier items, such as ovens or large pans, it’s important to adopt a smart strategy to ensure that everything reaches its final destination in optimal condition. One approach you could consider is split shipments, i.e. dividing items into several smaller consignments.

The idea behind this is to provide an extra layer of protection for your products during transportation and the customs process. By fractionating shipments, you reduce the weight and volume of each shipment, which can reduce the pressure on the boxes and minimize the risk of damage. This also allows items to be handled more carefully, as lighter boxes are easier to move and manipulate.

In addition, split shipments can also help speed up the customs process. Heavy or large items can attract more attention and rigorous inspections at customs. By dividing items into smaller consignments, you can make the process easier and reduce the time items are held.

The aim is to provide a smooth and successful import experience, where each item is treated with the care it deserves. Remember that ViajaBox is here to guide and support you every step of the way, so that your products reach you in perfect condition and on time. The split-shipment approach is just one way of ensuring that you get the most out of your import experience while maintaining the quality of your products.


There’s nothing like the thrill of receiving a package. With ViajaBox as your partner, secure packaging is an essential step in ensuring that every product you import is treated with the care and attention it deserves.

By adopting the above tips and trusting ViajaBox, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your international purchases will arrive at their final destination in perfect condition, ready to be appreciated and valued. ViajaBox: where security and imports meet to provide the best experience.


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