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ViajaBox has separated 7 American clothing brands that are very successful

ViajaBox has separated 7 American clothing brands that are very successful


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It is no wonder that American clothing brands are always at the top of the list of most cost-effective imported products.

With quality, style, and modern design, companies from the land of Uncle Sam have conquered the hearts of Tupiniquim consumers.

In this article ViajaBox will highlight some very popular clothing brands in the USA. And soon, we will have specific articles for each store mentioned in this text plus some more brands that we consider common among importers.

Tommy Hilfiger

After all, who doesn’t know this brand! That red, white, and blue logo, which reminds us of a flag, draws attention wherever it passes. Since 1969 in the fashion market, it has not always been this success of today, it took almost 20 years for the brand to consolidate itself.

What calls attention in this brand is the mixture of styles, classic and modern, pleasing to many. The brand also has a huge variety of products, such as handbags, belts, shoes, glasses, and even perfumes.


ViajaBox made a whole article dedicated to this brand. It is a brand whose products are at the top of the most imported ones. Its excellence in quality is one of the secrets of its success. For men, polo shirts are the most prominent pieces with their iconic crocodile on the left side.

And if you are thinking about reselling this product, you can be sure that the chances of getting out fast are very high.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was born in 1968, with a focus on men’s fashion. But as the years went by the company breathed new air. In the brand’s catalog there is a great variety of pieces, accessories, handbags, perfumes, women’s and children’s fashion.

The advertising campaigns of this brand have stood out for their bold, provocative, and sensual approaches. His partnership with the famous has also guaranteed the success of the brand.

Today it is one of the most influential brands worldwide. Comfortable, modern design pieces have won it a legion of fans worldwide.


Well known and popular among the young public, Hollister, with its adventurous beach style, has managed to win the hearts of this crowd.

A curiosity is that it was one of the first stores to create an application for cell phones, thus making shopping easier. So you can see that this brand is all about innovation.

It was created by the company Abercrombie & Fitch in 2000, and since then its success is undeniable!

Polo Ralph Lauren

This brand has an incredible story of its founder’s overcoming. From humble beginnings, Ralph Lauren showed persistence and an extremely keen nose for entrepreneurship.

In addition, the brand is always involved in environmental and social issues. The encouragement of diversity and inclusion in the workforce is notorious.

Speaking of the quality of the products, they use the best in the manufacturing of the parts. They are always looking for modernization to please their loyal public.

Emporio Armani

It is a luxury brand that emerged in Italy. With an elegant and sophisticated style, its differential is present in the high quality fabrics and impeccable finishing of its products.

The brand is always represented by world-renowned models and celebrities in its advertising campaigns and therefore attracts glances from all over the world.

Twice a year, at the Milan fashion week the brand launches a new collection, these are extremely awaited dates for fashion lovers.


Taking a jump between styles, GAP is quite different from the brands mentioned above, but no less popular.

Focused on a more comfortable and casual style, this brand has become an indispensable item in closets around the world.

Nothing better on a cold day than to wear a very comfortable sweatshirt, right?! One of GAP’s most prominent pieces are the sweatshirts; you can find them in several colors, with or without hood, closed or open, ideal for combining with nice jeans or shorts. For casual dating, these are excellent options.

But it doesn’t stop there, the catalog is huge and you are sure to find a piece that will make your head spin!


These are some American brands that are considered great options for importing. Based on high quality and design ranging from luxurious to casual, these brands have conquered their space.

ViajaBox always says that products like these can boost your business if you are thinking of starting to import for resale, or at least make you look stylish, with so many options for clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.

Enter our site, register, get your US address and let ViajaBox, the forwarding company, send your products quickly and safely.

Shall we talk? Leave a comment with your impressions about this article…

See you soon!


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