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How to buy original Tommy Hilfiger products in the USA with ViajaBox

How to buy original Tommy Hilfiger products in the USA with ViajaBox


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Tommy Hilfiger is a highly sought-after fashion brand worldwide, known for the high quality and sophisticated style of everything it produces. Founded in 1985, its catalog ranges from basic T-shirts, sportswear, and even luxury watches.

Since its foundation, the company has been incorporating new products in its production line, making it more comprehensive and conquering clients with increasingly diversified tastes, thus breaking boundaries beyond its origins.

The brand’s main products are polo shirts – made in a classic design, which at one point fell in the tastes of the average consumer and never went out of fashion again. Polo shirts are simple pieces but allow for elegant or unpretentious combinations.

Tommy jackets and coats also have considerable popularity. Within this line, you will still find windbreakers for slightly cold climates or even for running in even colder temperatures. The brand’s signature jackets are usually durable and carry the usual garb.

Buy original Tommy Hilfiger products in the USA with ViajaBox

Tommy Hilfiger wallets are among the brand’s most imported products from the USA to Brazil. And since many stores don’t ship directly to the country, this is where ViajaBox can help.

ViajaBox is a parcel forwarding company that allows you to buy original Tommy Hilfiger products in the USA and send them to Brazil easily, legally and safely.

American sites to buy Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy’s official American site may be the most economical option with the widest variety of items, but you may have difficulty accessing the American address from a computer with a Brazilian IP address.

When you try to access the American site, you will be redirected to the Brazilian site exhaustively. The solution is to look for other sites that work with the brand’s products. Let’s list a few:


Here you will find a great quantity and variety of products from the brand, because it is a very strong marketplace in the United States. And some vendors know about this difficulty that people from other countries have to access the American version of the site, and meet the demand of this huge slice of customers.

And as we have seen in other examples here on this blog, Amazon itself enters the competition strongly and also sells Tommy products, where you can find a good amount of items that the brand has in catalog.

It is a solution for you who prioritize authenticity when buying, because Amazon has a strong policy of cracking down on piracy within the platform. We often choose to buy from American sites for this very reason!


It is a famous department store that has a very extensive website. Here you will find hundreds of Hilfiger products for your imports. At Macy’s you will still find constant promotions, customer service by various means of communication such as email, chat and even telephone

In addition to providing a loyalty program through which you will have exclusive promotions, free shipping on more products, and early access to promotions. On the platform, besides finding a good variety of Tommy Hilfiger products, you will also find items from exclusive brands that are not available on popular Marketplaces.


On this platform you will find a sea of Hilfiger items! And if you like Tommy, you will feel quite comfortable. The site also has a loyalty program and a super differential that is the personal stylist service: where you can count on a free personal stylist to help you find accessories and clothes that fit your needs and preferences. The stylists are available in the online and physical stores and can give personalized fashion and style consultations.


Another department store that works with thousands of brands. At Zappos you will find Hilfiger products well organized in a left column by gender departments, product type, size, color, and even the material of the product, in case you are allergic to a certain raw material, or if you prefer a specific material. The platform is very complete and has a very intuitive navigation.


By purchasing original Tommy Hilfiger products with the help of ViajaBox, you can have the peace of mind that you will receive your authentic, high-quality items directly from the United States. Don’t miss the chance to acquire the brand’s exclusive products at more affordable prices and without worrying about the security of your purchase. Count on ViajaBox to import your orders with practicality, agility and security. Take advantage now of this unique opportunity to get your hands on the best Tommy Hilfiger products.


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