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4 brands of filming equipment to import from the United States

4 brands of filming equipment to import from the United States


This post is also available in: English Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish) Français (French) 日本語 (Japanese) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

We have brought you 4 brands of filming equipment, including cameras, lenses, and accessories to help you when it comes time to import.

When it comes to photography and filming equipment, there is so much technology involved in this segment, it is enough to write a book!

Investing in these products requires a minimum of knowledge about them. Besides the variety of brands, models, and features, it is always worth mentioning the question of prices. In this respect, importing from the USA may be a smarter choice, since in the USA prices are more competitive and there is a greater availability of models.

Regardless of whether you are a professional, a beginner, or just a connoisseur, the important thing is to make the right choice of product, this will ensure that your work is differentiated.

Let’s look at some of the major brands.


This is one of the leading brands in the market! Known for its top quality products, it offers a huge variety of models of camcorders, cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Sony produces cameras with 4k to 8k resolution, which makes your image extremely sharp and with vibrant colors.

Models such as: Sony Alpha 1, Sony A7S III, Sony FX3, Sony ZV-E10, are the advanced models of the brand and can easily provide a great experience.

Sony lenses are very prominent in the market, considered by many to be the best. They range from wide-angle to telephoto lenses, catering for various types and levels of productions.


Another brand that offers quality products is Canon, a Japanese brand that has been on the market since 1937 and has always stood out for its products.

One of the latest models is the Canon EOS R5, a mirrorless camera (digital camera that has no reflective mirror, instead the image is displayed electronically on the LCD screen or an electronic EVF viewfinder) with cutting-edge technology that guarantees amazing shooting quality.

It has a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor and its video recording is 8k at 30p and 4k at 120p. There is 5-axis image stabilization and fast and accurate autofocus.


Nikon, besides offering various camera models, also has various accessories such as: lighting items, microphones, tripods, batteries, and lenses that will enable you to perform at your best and that can be easily integrated into your camera.

The most recent model was released in 2021, it is the Nikon Z9, a camera model with a more professional footprint, its performance is praised by those who own it.

It offers highly advanced video capabilities, with an 8k resolution and 12-bit RAW recording, which makes it an amazing device.


Another Japanese giant that has a long history of innovation in technology and has been expanding its brand since 1918.

One of Panasonic’s best models is the Lumix S5 camera, it is designed for both photography and filming. The Lumix S5 has a fast and accurate focus even in low light conditions. It makes recordings in 4k UHD and in slow motion in Full HD. It has exceptional performance.

Besides cameras, it is important to have quality complementary equipment to ensure the best result. If you need a more professional performance, you should consider investing in other items such as: lenses, reflectors, lighting, tripods, software, and microphones. Besides a constant investment in training courses on how to handle and edit all the produced material.

Now you know a little about the best brands available on the market, the sites below will facilitate your search. On these sites you are sure to find what you are looking for, they all offer a huge list of varieties and novelties at competitive prices.







B&H Photo Video



Best Buy


For those who are just starting out in the film and photography business, or simply out of a passion to immortalize moments, the right choice of equipment is fundamental, and will impact the final result of your work.

ViajaBox is available to help you with your redirection. To do this, enter our site, create your account and receive an American address, where you can send everything you want to import and leave the rest with us, your product will arrive safely and easily at your address wherever you are!

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See you soon.


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