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Imported Halloween Products and Best Websites for 2023

Imported Halloween Products and Best Websites for 2023
Produtos importados para Halloween


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When you decide to buy imported Halloween products, you are ahead of many. Being a traditional party on American soil, you are sure to get the latest and most creative on the subject.

Halloween is a date usually celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. But the date became so popular that several countries joined the party, including Brazil.

Officially celebrated on October 31, it is the day when you can and should use and abuse your creativity and trick-or-treat.

A party with a mix of terror and fun, its target audience is children and adults, who dress up as scary or funny characters, for this fun there are no limits to imagination.

It’s the official day to break your diet, because at the very least you’re going to be stuffed with sweets! An extremely fun party for children, who venture out to knock on a door without knowing what gruesome creature will come out of it.

Therefore, ViajaBox has selected some categories of items that are indispensable to make this celebration more fun and scary.


When talking about Halloween the first thing that comes to mind are the costumes and accessories, which can be from the scariest to the funniest, accessories such as wigs, hats, masks, and shoes are essential to put together the look. There are so many options available on the market that you will be left wondering which one to choose.


To set the mood, creative decoration is a surefire success. In the US for example, a month before, houses already prepare for this event, everywhere you look you will see a sinister hanging figure, a decorated pumpkin, ghosts and scary dolls of the most varied sizes.

The gardens of the houses give way to giant inflatables and graveyard scenery. It sounds scary, but it is part of the whole celebration.

They take it so seriously that the streets compete to see which house will be the most decorated and spooky of the year. If you search the Internet, you will get an idea of how much this day is awaited.

And to guarantee a good decoration for your next Halloween, nothing better than importing the products directly from those who understand the subject and have years of tradition.

Sweets and candies

When someone knocks on your door and asks for “trick-or-treating,” be prepared to surprise them. The sweets take a more than special touch to be in the mood.

You can find them in many shapes, such as eyes, double-pointed tongues, marshmallow ghosts, candies with red dyes that simulate blood, gumdrop spiders and bats, witches’ chocolates and so on…

Themed drinks

Making a bucket of red punch with floating eyes, a jar of blue liquid, and a strategically placed edible hand will make the impression everyone expects on Halloween, a certain mix of agony and revulsion, but will certainly be a success, as these drinks usually taste delicious.

We cannot leave out the drinks that exhale smoke; these create a dark and sinister atmosphere in the room.

Don’t be scared, this is how Halloween is represented and celebrated, it’s all part of imagination and fun, a scare on this date, is allowed!

Now you want to know where to find all these options? We are going to leave here, some sites related to this day, so that you can find whatever you need to make your event a success.

Spirit Halloween

Halloween Costumes




Shop Disney


Halloween, besides being a great date to hold a party for friends, is a business opportunity for those who are in the business of importing and want to sell or rent themed products and decorations. Options include costumes, decorations, candy and treats, themed drinks, and party accessories.

When choosing products to import, be sure to choose items that meet the demands of the market and that are in line with current trends, and count on the services of Viajabox to store and ship your products with agility and economy.

And be prepared, because you will come across some chilling products. This can make your party even more interesting, because when it comes to Halloween, the scarier the better.

Did you like the tips? Leave your comments or questions, and we will be happy to answer them.

See you soon!


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