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We have listed 13 American websites that offer cheap children’s clothing at unbeatable prices!

We have listed 13 American websites that offer cheap children’s clothing at unbeatable prices!


This post is also available in: English Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish) Français (French) 日本語 (Japanese) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

It is a well-known fact that children get bigger than their clothes faster than you can imagine. What fits them this week may not fit them next month. But don’t worry, because we have a list of the top 14 sites in the US that offer great prices on high quality children’s clothing.

Carters and OshKosh

Carter’s and OshKosh B’Gosh, two popular children’s clothing brands, can be found on several American websites. Both brands offer affordable options, especially during promotional periods.

Old Navi

Old Navy offers a wide selection of children’s clothing at affordable prices. With good prices, it is easy to find great deals on general clothing such as pants, dresses, and also bath towels.


Kohl’s is an American department store that offers major brands of children’s clothing, including Levi’s, Carter’s, Columbia, and Under Armour at fantastic prices. You can take advantage of weekly promotions and discount coupons.

French Toast

Although it is primarily known as a uniform store, French Toast is a great site to find basics like polos, khaki pants, and white shirts and blouses at affordable prices.

Cookie’s Kids

Cookie’s Kids is a children’s clothing department store that offers well-known brands at greatly reduced prices. While their selection may be a hit, frequent visits to their site can lead to fantastic deals on great brands like Nautica, Levi’s, The North Face, and Carter’s.

Nordstrom Rack

When it comes to finding great prices on children’s fashion that is not from last season, Nordstrom Rack is the right destination. Don’t forget to explore their excellent prices on shoes and accessories as well.


If you want to dress your kids in the latest trends without spending too much, go to H&M Kids. They offer clothing for newborns to adults, making it a great place to create looks for the whole family.


JCPenney not only offers great deals on children’s clothing, accessories, and shoes, but also combines deals, coupons, and liquidation offers. Be on the lookout for their liquidation offers for even more discounts.


While Gymboree may be having products with slightly above average prices, their high quality clothing is worth considering, especially during liquidation events. Plan ahead by buying spring clothes on sale a few sizes up for your children to wear next spring.


Known for its impressive selection of brand name clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices, is a site worth exploring for great discounts.

Zulily offers a carefully selected assortment of adorable children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Being a quick sales site, it offers new deals on a daily basis.


While not normally associated with children’s clothing, surprises with its styles, brand names, and unbeatable deals. When you are looking for children’s clothing, Amazon’s American site is also an excellent option.

Overstock may have a peculiar selection at times, but it offers fabulous prices on clothing, shoes, children’s bedding, toys and more. Take advantage of their discounted offers.


Note that ViajaBox has made every effort to provide the best purchasing options available. However, some stores mentioned in this article may have purchase restrictions, specific payment methods or limited shipping to certain countries, and at that time do not hesitate to request an Assisted Purchase, where ViajaBox will make the purchase for you without any complication. It is always advisable to check the terms of sale, shipping guidelines, and any other relevant terms and conditions.

Now you have a great list of discount children’s clothing sites that are perfect for any occasion. Have fun browsing these sites finding great deals and dressing your kids in stylish clothes. Good shopping!

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