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2 indispensable websites for importing sneakers from the USA in 2023

2 indispensable websites for importing sneakers from the USA in 2023


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ViajaBox brings valuable tips for those who want to import sneakers from the USA

Today, at ViajaBox Blog we are going to talk about how to import sneakers from the USA, and if you already work with the sale of this type of products or intend to do so, know that importing will be your main ally to get exclusive models.

This explains why sneakers are such sought-after products by importers in general… many exclusive models are released only on American sites, only on the brand’s site. And sometimes the wait for some models is so long that it is not possible to immediately replenish stocks of these brands in other countries.

Some brands do not make their products available for pre-sale, but announce the launch of certain models in advance so that customers can plan accordingly and save money to purchase their copy on the day and time of the launch.

And for those who are willing to buy a specific item at all costs, it is really important to set aside some time on launch day to be on hand the moment the item is available for purchase, because in cases of products with long waits, some numbers sell out very quickly, within hours or even a few minutes.

Besides the official product websites, like Adidas, Nike, Puma… you can still find the products of your choice on famous marketplaces like Amazon’s website and eBay’s website as well.

In the case of eBay, always be aware of the seller’s reviews so that you don’t buy a counterfeit item, but in any case, try to buy items from ads where the seller accepts returns. On Amazon’s website you can find a multitude of products such as Nike Air Jordan models.

And now we need to introduce you to two excellent sites for importing both new and used sneakers. And yes, it is very worthwhile to import sneakers from the USA – USED! This is a very busy and inclusive market, here at ViajaBox we receive daily used items, among them, sneakers as well. And even though they are used items, the vendors who work these products, keep them in perfect condition.


The first site we are going to take a look at is the Goat. Which on the home page already shows several models that are in demand all over the world.

And all we have to do is click on a model and the site shows us the available sizes with their respective prices? but according to the amount of information we can see in the right column of the site, we realize that this is an environment for those who really like this sneaker culture.

Watch the video below:

The site brings complete information such as a text presentation of the product, release date, the name of the person who designed the item, among other information that is very useful for those who like to be aware of everything that involves this culture.

Stock X

Similar to Goat, we also have Stock X, which is also a marketplace. And it is also important to remember that these sites also sell other types of products such as clothes and even electronics, but they differ in selling sneakers because both Stock X and Goat have the procedure of checking the originality of the products.

And how does it work? You buy a sneaker here on Stock X, and the site’s team will receive your product, they will verify that the product is indeed original, the product will go through a series of tests made by machines and also by the hands of professionals who know how to differentiate a legitimate product from a counterfeit.

This way, you will have the assurance that you are buying an authentic item from the brand you are looking for. What’s more, on these sites you can find items that have long since been unavailable on the shelves of physical stores and official sites.

So this is an opportunity to have a specific and why not to say, rare item. For those who want to have a unique item or for those who have an online store, these two sites coupled with the official sites, the Amazon site and eBay, you can have a very extensive catalog to store from.

And now that you know that… count on ViajaBox to import sneakers from the USA. Be that model you have always wanted.


Importing sneakers from the USA is a great idea! A good site for an importer who works with the best products, must have professionals who are strongly involved with the Sneaker culture. The two sites highlighted by ViajaBox in this article, will give you a lot of support and confidence when buying a new or used item in excellent condition.

And now, with this information, what do you think about importing sneakers from the United States? Tell us below how was your experience!


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