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Want to pay little on shipping? Discover products with low shipping costs from the United States

Want to pay little on shipping? Discover products with low shipping costs from the United States


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Importing lightweight goods from the US can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially considering that US freight is based on weight. In this text, the ViajaBox Blog presents a list of light products that are ideal to import with low freight costs. We will explore each of them, highlighting their characteristics and possible market niches.

Accessories for cell phones:

With the increasing use of smartphones, the demand for accessories such as protective cases, films, portable chargers and headphones is high. These products are lightweight, easy to store in your ViajaBox suite and have great resale potential.

Protective covers: Silicone covers, transparent covers, printed covers, covers with personalized designs, among other models. They protect your phone from drops, scratches and damage.

Protective films: Tempered glass films or high-quality screen protection films, which help prevent scratches and damage to the phone screen.

Portable chargers: Compact, lightweight power banks that allow you to charge your phone anywhere, especially useful for people who are always on the go.

Cell Phone Holders: Adjustable car mounts, desk mounts or selfie stands that allow you to conveniently position your phone for viewing or capturing photos.

Bluetooth headphones: Wireless, lightweight headphones that provide freedom of movement and high sound quality while playing music, making calls or watching videos.

Pop Sockets: Adhesive accessories that can be attached to the back of the phone to improve grip and handling. They can also be used as stands to support the phone on flat surfaces.

Mobile camera lenses: Additional lenses that can be attached to the cell phone to improve the quality and variety of photos, such as wide-angle, macro and fisheye lenses.

Cables and adapters: High quality USB charging and sync cables, plug adapters and other connectivity accessories for cell phones.

Armbands: Lightweight and adjustable arm bands for cell phones, ideal for physical activities such as running or exercising, allowing users to have easy access to their phone while moving.

Lightweight sports equipment:

Each country has a great passion for sports, which makes sports equipment a great choice when importing light products from the USA with the help of the ViajaBox parcel redirector. Items such as balls, gloves, training accessories, among others, can be marketed to amateur and professional athletes.

Tennis rackets: Lightweight, high-quality tennis rackets can appeal to sports enthusiasts. Importing racquets from well-known US brands that offer a variety of options for different skill levels can be an interesting strategy.

Protective equipment: Lightweight protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and mouth guards are essential for many sports such as cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading and martial arts. Importing products that meet safety and quality standards can be a wise choice.

Portable electronics:

Lightweight electronics such as headphones, portable speakers, smartwatches and drones are increasingly popular. By importing lightweight products from the US like these, where they are often more affordable, you can tap into consumer interest in cutting-edge technology.

Bluetooth headphones: Wireless headphones are increasingly popular. Importing lightweight options, such as in-ear headphones or earbuds, with good sound quality and stable connectivity can appeal to consumers looking for a wireless music experience.

Smartwatches: Smartwatches have become increasingly popular. Importing lightweight smartwatches, with functions such as fitness tracking, smartphone notifications and various health features, can attract consumers interested in these technologies.

E-book readers: E-book readers are lightweight portable devices that are ideal for reading in any environment. Importing products like the Kindle or other popular e-book readers can meet the demand for a high-quality digital reading experience.

Action cameras: Compact and lightweight action cameras are ideal for outdoor activities and extreme sports. Importing options known for image quality, endurance and advanced features such as 4K recording can appeal to adventure and sports enthusiasts.

Drones: Lightweight and portable drones are becoming increasingly popular. Importing drones from renowned brands, with high-resolution image capture capabilities, flight stability and ease of use, can meet the growing demand for this technology.

Power banks: Power banks are portable chargers that allow you to recharge mobile devices on the go. Importing lightweight options with good charging capacity and fast charging capabilities could appeal to consumers who need to keep their devices powered during the day.

Mini projectors: Portable mini projectors are great for showing videos and presentations on the go. Importing compact, lightweight projectors with good image quality, versatile connectivity and additional features can meet the demand for portable entertainment.

Musical instruments:

Music is a passion for many. Importing lightweight products from the US, such as guitars, keyboards, flutes and guitars, can be a way to meet a constant and growing demand for quality products in this segment.

Ukulele: The ukulele is a compact and lightweight stringed instrument, perfect for beginners and those who want to learn to play an instrument in a fun way. Importing ukuleles of different sizes and styles can attract consumers interested in exploring music in a relaxed way.

Recorder: The recorder is a simple, lightweight wind instrument widely used in music education. Importing high-quality recorders, made from materials such as wood or durable plastic, can meet the demand for this popular instrument.

Escaleta or Melodica: The Escaleta is a wind keyboard instrument, similar to a small piano, which is played by blowing air into a reed. It’s compact and lightweight, making it ideal for beginners and those wanting to explore new sounds. Importing melodicas of different styles and sizes can attract consumers looking for a portable and easy-to-learn instrument.

Kalimba: The kalimba, also known as thumb piano, is a melodic percussion instrument with metal blades that are played with the thumbs. It is compact and lightweight, offering a soft and relaxing sound. Importing kalimbas of different designs and tunings can meet the demand for this prominent instrument.

Ocarina: The ocarina is an ancient wind instrument, usually made of ceramic or metal, with a sweet, soft sound. It is a light and easy to play instrument. Importing ocarinas of different tunings and designs can attract consumers looking for a unique and melodic instrument.

Pandeiros: The pandeiro is a percussion instrument, light and versatile. Importing quality pandeiros, with sturdy skins and durable construction, can meet the demand for this popular instrument in musical styles such as samba and choro.

Handpans: Handpans are melodic percussion instruments, similar to steel drums, with a mesmerizing resonance. They are light and produce a range of ethereal sounds. Importing high-quality handpans can attract consumers interested in exploring relaxing and meditative sounds.


We hope that this article has helped you to know products that have low cost in their shipments, because when you save, you preserve money for the next imports and this behavior makes your purchases made in the USA self-sufficient. Whenever you are going to import any product from the United States, remember that the ViajaBox parcel redirector has shipping methods of the most varied types to meet your exact needs.

See you next time!


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