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Importing iPhone from previous years, is it worth it?

Importing iPhone from previous years, is it worth it?


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Importing iPhone, even if it is of a previous generation, can be a great opportunity to make a good deal

Hello, today we will talk in this blog about why importing previous generation iPhone directly from the United States may pay off more than you think. And yes, we know that we are already on model 14 of the Apple smartphone saga, but the latest devices, although already one or more years old, are far from being outdated or even discontinued by the manufacturer.

Finding older iPhones on American websites is not difficult. In fact, on Apple’s own website we can find several iPhone models that are not the latest generation but are still far from being removed from the physical and virtual store windows, because the leap in technology that we can see between products with little difference in age is not huge.

After the product debut period has passed – where many people try to buy at its launch – Apple is finally able to fill the shelves and websites so that customers can make their purchases without having to stand in queues.

In addition, many users decide to sell the device they have recently bought – including new models with few months of use or also from the previous year that are still considered ultra-modern – and these used devices also feed the large market for iPhones with reconditioned items, used ones in excellent condition, products that have only had the box opened, among others in states of preservation already known among the consumer public of the brand.

So when we understand a little better the behavior of the iPhone market, we come to the conclusion that waiting a few months or even a year to import iPhone from the United States after its launch can definitely be an excellent business. For there in Uncle Sam’s land, these items suffer a price drop as soon as the next model is released, while in Brazil, this same price drop also occurs, which is natural, but the reduction in Brazilian prices of these iPhones, is usually a little smaller and this is where we get to the main point.

This favors importing with the intention of reselling in the Brazilian market. And what a good importer does, is to take advantage of these opportunities!

It is also important to remember, that this rule also applies to other product lines of the brand, such as Apple Watches, Earpods, MacBooks among others. And, as we also well know, several of these products are usually used together, and so also observe the price variations that these items undergo in the United States to take advantage of the best opportunities.

Can I trust reconditioned products?

Yes! And we need to be aware that an appliance that has been in use for two or three years, may have undergone one maintenance or another. And if you are in the habit of searching for iPhone on American websites in general, surely, you must have seen somewhere in one of these ads the term REFURBISHED . Translating, it means refurbished, or reconditioned which is when the product undergoes the replacement of one or more components, and we assure you that the vast majority of these repairs are made by Apple itself or with genuine original parts from the manufacturer, because Americans cultivate a certain whim when it comes to quality. This certainly gives us more security when buying a used item.

Not least because, using logic, if the seller didn’t want his customers to know that an item had a part replaced, he simply wouldn’t leave this information available in his ads, this is a sign that he has no reason to hide these details from his customers. On the contrary, if the product you intend to buy, because of its time of use, has received a brand new and original component from the manufacturer, you have even more added value to the item that has had its useful life renewed and extended. It is also worth mentioning in this paragraph, that the reconditioned appliances sold on Amazon‘s site, are called RENEWED, which means refurbished, but the concept is exactly the same.


So, you want to work with iPhone resale, keep an eye out for opportunities that arise by watching. Soon we will release an article about the best stores to import used iPhones, and if you still have any questions, comment below and ViajaBox will answer them as soon as possible.

Comment below on your impression of this opportunity!

See you soon!


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