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How to use ViajaBox to buy Funko Pop from US stores?

How to use ViajaBox to buy Funko Pop from US stores?


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What are Funko Pop?

Funko Pop is a line of collectible dolls very popular with collectors all over the world. The dolls come in a variety of themes, from movie and TV show characters to game and sports figures.

Where can I find Funko Pop for sale?

Fans have been importing more and more Funko Pops in recent years. There are many websites and stores that sell these collectibles in the United States. The main site for this purpose is precisely, the electronic address of the company that conceived the project of these nice little figures for collection.

They are the creators of Funkos that were and are inspired by characters from pop culture, including movies, TV shows, video games, comics, music, etc. They have a peculiar and considerably cute aesthetic, with large heads and small bodies. ViajaBox can help you buy Funko Pop from stores in the United States that do not deliver directly to some countries. We offer a secure and easy solution for redirecting orders.

How to start a Funko Pop collection?

Topic: It’s the beginning of everything… which funko do we want to get first! You can opt for themes such as action figures, artistic figures such as singers, or you can choose to purchase items from some franchise of your choice.

Spending plan: set an initial budget for each theme you choose. In the course of this planning, you will realize that funkos vary quite a bit in price and this should be a sign for you to get organized so as not to spend more than necessary.

It is important to take into account the cost of each step of an import by putting every expense into the calculator – including customs duty, if any.

Dolls: this is one of the most enjoyable stages, where you will choose the characters to buy, choose whatever you want, but within the previous topics that are the theme and budget.

To make good choices, be aware of what is new in this universe. Niche blogs and social media channels can be very helpful in defining which funkos you will import.

Shopping: The official Funko store will certainly be a great option to buy, but in the United States there are thousands of stores where you will find items from every possible collection, including some rarities.

Including, do a lot of research, register on sites to save items to your favorites. This way you can monitor prices and you will know when a product is really at a good price or on promotion.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Game Stop, Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic can be good options for shopping.

Take care of your Funkos: Be careful with your dolls. Expose them in a place free from sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. There are products such as vinyl protectors. Be sure to take care of your Funko Pop. Clean them regularly following the manufacturer’s guidelines so that your funkos will have a long life in great condition.

Enjoy your collection: finally, this is your moment. Arrange them in a prominent place, and they will bring a very relaxing harmony to your preferred environment. Join virtual groups where you can share your experiences and show off your collection.

Funko pop around the world

The Funko Pop market has grown a lot, and importers of these types of products have many customers. And although there is already a certain variety of Funkos on the sites around the world, we know well that most of the exclusive or rare items are on the American sites.

This limits access for those who don’t know or are not confident enough to buy funko pop directly from American sites. And as we always talk about here, the importer is the one who makes this bridge.

This is just one of thousands of ideas of what can be very profitable to import. Just by being able to guarantee that it is a product genuinely made in the USA, this information already adds value to your product, because originality is an extra factor of relevance for any product.

For you who want to start your Funkos collection but don’t have enough confidence to import, or don’t have the necessary tools like an international card, ViajaBox offers Assisted Purchase.

Through Assisted Purchase, ViajaBox will buy the Funko Pop of your choice without you having to worry about this part of the process. Watch this video below that explains how Assisted Buy works.

As an example, in Brazil, while some common models may cost between 100 and 200 reals, other slightly different items can be advertised at 700 or 1,000 reals, depending on the number of items in the package, its size, whether it is a limited edition, among several other factors that affect the price in Brazil.

On American sites, the gap between the prices of different items is not as huge as in Brazil – where an item can cost three or four times as much as another in the same category. This provides a good profit margin on items where you pay little in the United States, and charge a lot for selling the same item in Brazil.

And if you stop to think a little further, the importer has his reasons to charge a lot for his products, because he does a job that not everyone has the patience to perform: He has to deal with the IRS every now and then; he has to pay American freight; American purchase tax, etc. This whole process is perfectly tame for a minimally experienced importer. For we know that importing is not that complicated, and in time it becomes very simple indeed, as if you were buying in your own country.

Therefore the price that is charged, hides a series of processes that only the importer is aware of. And therefore, only he is able to translate all this effort into the final sales value of a product.

Funko pops are not hard to find on American websites. If you type the term “funko pop” into the search bar within an American online store, the site is likely to show entire collections organized by thematic categories within the platform. This is just an indication of the universe that this type of product represents on many sites.


In summary, if you are a Funko Pop collector and are looking for a way to acquire original and exclusive products, ViajaBox is the ideal solution for you.

With our help, it is possible to buy products from stores in the United States that do not deliver directly to some countries, easily, legally, and safely.

With the tips and information provided in this article, you will be able to make the most of your Funko Pop passion.

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