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How to import perfumes from the United States: 5 tips to help you

How to import perfumes from the United States: 5 tips to help you


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Importing perfumes from the United States is a way to buy original products at more affordable prices

If you are thinking about importing perfumes, this mission can be easier than you think. By following these tips you can secure your favorite perfume at the lowest possible price!

Get an address in the USA

After you decide to import from the US, you should look for a reliable redirection company like ViajaBox, because you need to have a US address to receive and store your purchases.

In addition to redirection, ViajaBox also offers assisted purchase service in case you need to buy your items but do not have the time or means to do so such as an international card or sufficient limit.

Search before

Do good research so that you can take advantage of the best discounts and promotions. Search several sites to compare prices and get the best deal. Check the shipping values, because many companies offer free shipping above a certain value, so it is worth whenever possible to buy more than one item from a store, to have this benefit.

Take advantage of the promotions

Take the opportunity to buy on commemorative dates, the stores in the USA have a culture of always lowering prices significantly at these times. In case you want to know what these promotional periods are, Viajabox has made an article talking especially about these dates, “The 8 best months to buy from the United States“.

Beware of fakes

The perfumes have always been targets of counterfeiting so make your purchases on reliable sites, it is always good to check the suitability of the store through the site where you just consult the store of your choice and there will be several testimonials of how were the shopping experiences of customers around the world. Sites like Amazon, Sephora, FragranceX and FragranceShop, can be good options for safe shopping.

Declare correctly

When making your declaration, to avoid problems at customs, fill out the customs declaration as completely and faithfully as possible, so you can “escape” the undesirable fees or greater sanctions such as fines or even the barring of the object’s entry into Brazil.

Choose the shipping method that meets your needs regarding delivery time and values, and pay attention to the quantity of items. Because when it comes to imported products it is never good to send a quantity that can be characterized for sale, make shipments with few quantities of products.


In order for you to have a good experience when importing products from the United States, it is critical that you have solid support from a redirection company. ViajaBox ‘s collaboration and your desire to import can make this process smoother than you might think.

Comment below if you have any questions, or if you are interested in any topic, you can use the comments field to make your suggestion.

See you next time!


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