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Import Makeup Case With Viajabox

Import Makeup Case With Viajabox


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For a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover, it is essential to have the best accessories and products among the ones we have available in the market.

As we can imagine, a makeup case is an indispensable item to keep everything organized and accessible.

The good news is that Viajabox offers an order redirection service, making it easy to import authentic, quality products to you.

When buying a makeup case or other makeup accessories, it is essential to ensure that the products are authentic and quality.

The United States has strong policies against piracy, and the government is also counting on the help of online stores in this fight. Platforms often ban sellers who sell products of questionable quality.

Counterfeit products, usually made in China, can present health risks, besides being of inferior quality, and can leave the user “in the lurch” sooner than expected.

Viajabox will help you buy authentic products directly from stores in the United States, where you can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the products you are buying.

Check the size and weight of the product

When deciding to import a makeup case from the USA it is important to note the weight and size of the product, because the price of US freight is calculated according to the price of the product.

Suitcases that are too big and heavy can be unviable to import, either because of the price or because they may exceed the dimensions allowed in some freight modalities.

The maximum weight allowed on the Packet is 66 lbs = 30 kg. The maximum allowed volume must be less than 79″ = (197 cm). The volume must be calculated as follows: (length + height + width) with the largest side of the box not exceeding 41″ (104 cm).

In cases where the product exceeds these measurements and you (still) want to know if there is another shipping method… the answer is yes, there are other companies that carry larger and heavier packages.

You can generate a label from UPS, FEDEX, DHL, or other U.S. company of your choice. The shipment will be assessed according to its weight and a collection fee will be generated by ViajaBox for your order to be prepared for shipment.

American stores to import makeup case

Amazon – Amazon is one of the largest online stores in the world, and they have a vast catalog of makeup cases to choose from.

Sephora – is a very popular cosmetics store in the USA and several other countries. There you will find makeup, skin care products, and fragrances, as well as various types of makeup cases to suit your needs.

Ulta Beauty – is another hugely successful cosmetics store in the USA. They work with a wide variety of brands and products. On this site you will also find many makeup cases.

Macy’s – is a department store in the USA that has a great reputation. The company offers many product options, and is another option for importing makeup cases from the USA.

Nordstrom – is an American store that deals in many luxury items. On the site, you will find make-up departments with highly prestigious brands, as well as high-quality make-up cases too.

Beautylish – is an online store where you will find everything for your make-up arsenal, skin and hair products, and various models of high-quality make-up.

American brands of makeup cases

SHANY – is a brand that stands out for its excellent makeup cases. You will find models of makeup cases, from items for beginners to products that cater to demanding professionals.

Caboodles – is a great brand of makeup cases also from the United States. They have a catalog with the most varied styles, sizes, and colors you can imagine. Plus, their website is beautiful…stop by and check it out.

Zuca is famous for building great make-up cases with wheels, which are perfectly suited for professional make-up artists who need to transport their equipment on frequent trips.

Joligrace – is an excellent brand with a good variety of cases, from small sizes to large and robust professional cases.

Sunrise – is a brand dedicated to developing high-end cases for makeup artists, hair stylists, and various professionals in the beauty niche. Their products are known to last a long time.

Yaheetech – is a brand whose suitcases are also of high quality, with several compartments and organizers to facilitate the storage of your beauty products, where you can carry many items and sectorize everything very well.

We hope this article has helped you find the ideal item for your work or everyday life. Importing is one of the best ways to find top quality products at fair prices, and gives you access to exclusive items from the United States. In the process, the ViajaBox redirector makes itself available to receive your purchases made in the USA, store them for free for up to 90 days, and ship them to your address. If you have any questions, please comment below or contact us through our WhatsApp or email

See you soon!


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