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How to open a complaint on the Post Office website

How to open a complaint on the Post Office website


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The Post Office is a fundamental part of the process of receiving international parcels in Brazil. However, sometimes there can be problems such as delays, loss, damage or other unforeseen events that affect the delivery of items from abroad. To solve these problems and ensure that your parcels are delivered properly, it’s crucial to know how to file a complaint with the Post Office. In this guide prepared by ViajaBox, we will detail the process step by step and provide more robust examples of situations in which opening a complaint is essential.

Opening a complaint on the Post Office website for international items destined for Brazil is an important process for resolving these types of problems. Follow the steps below to open a complaint.

When to file a complaint with the Post Office

Delayed delivery

You’ve made an international purchase, the item has been sent, but weeks go by and it doesn’t arrive at its destination. Delayed delivery is a common but frustrating situation. Filing a complaint with the Post Office allows you to follow up and investigate the reason for the delay, so that delivery can be speeded up.

Lost parcel

You track your item and suddenly the status shows “lost” or “lost”. This means that the object was lost during the shipping process. Opening a complaint is vital to start an investigation and locate the package or receive compensation.

Item arrived damaged

Your package finally arrives, but when you open the box, you discover that the items are damaged due to improper handling during transportation. In this case, filing a complaint allows you to document the damage and seek a solution, such as a refund or sending a replacement.

Incorrect taxes or duties

You receive a notification that your package is in customs and you need to pay duties or taxes. However, you suspect that the charges are incorrect. Filing a complaint helps to review and dispute the charges, ensuring that you only pay the amount due.

Object detained at customs without justification

Your package has been held up at customs for a long time, without a clear explanation. Opening a complaint allows you to seek information about the reason for the withholding and, if it is unjustified, to take appropriate action.

Problems with documentation or missing documents

Sometimes problems with documentation can delay delivery. If you believe that the necessary documentation has not been provided or is incomplete, a complaint will help resolve the issue and speed up the process.

How to open a complaint on the Post Office website

Visit the Correios website

Visit the official website of Correios do Brasil at Make sure you are accessing the official website to guarantee the safety of the process.

Access the Complaints Area

On the Correios website, scroll down and look for the “Customer Service” or “Contact Us” section. Just below, look for the item “Registration of protests”. Click on this option.

Choose the Type of Complaint

In the second part of the claims section, on the right-hand side, you will find the topic Claim / Request for Reimbursement of Postal Object, where you can choose between national or international deliveries.

Choosing the reason for the complaint

Within the chosen category, select the option that best describes your problem. For example, if your object is late, choose something similar to “Delivery Delay”. If the item arrived damaged, choose “Damage to parcel”. If the problem is different, select the appropriate option. There will be various options for specific cases.

Fill in the Information

After selecting the type of complaint, you will be directed to a form page. Fill in all the information requested. This can include details of the object, such as the tracking number, the sender, the recipient and a detailed description of the problem. Make sure you provide accurate information so that the Post Office can investigate properly.

Attach documentation (if necessary)

In some cases, you may need to attach relevant documents, such as photos of the damaged object. Make sure you provide the necessary evidence to support your complaint. Follow the guidelines provided during the process of filling in the form.

Review and Submit the Complaint

After filling in all the necessary information and attaching documents, review the details of the complaint to make sure they are correct. Make sure your complaint is clear and precise. When you are satisfied with the information provided, submit the complaint.

Track your complaint

Once the complaint has been sent, the Post Office will analyze it and contact you with a response or additional information, if necessary. Make sure you follow up regularly and follow the instructions provided by the Post Office to resolve your problem.

Remember that response and resolution times may vary depending on the nature of the complaint. Be patient and ready to provide additional information if requested. Opening a complaint is an important step in resolving problems related to international objects destined for Brazil, and Correios is there to help you find a suitable solution.


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