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Why import Stanley cups… ViajaBox listed the 4 main items of the brand

Why import Stanley cups… ViajaBox listed the 4 main items of the brand


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The Stanley brand represents over 100 years of tradition, the brand’s products are extremely durable, quality, and useful for various outdoor activities.

Stanley’s most famous product lines are the thermos bottles and glasses, designed to maintain the temperature of beverages for several hours.

Check out in this article the 4 items that can be purchased directly from the official Stanley website with full support from the ViajaBox redirector. And find out why these products are among the top thermal cups on the market.

Meet some very popular models

Stanley Classic Thermal Tumbler

Stanley’s classic thermal cup is the flagship of the brand, as it is a durable product with excellent thermal performance. It is made of double-walled stainless steel and has a capacity of 473 ml. This product is available in various colors and is ideal for maintaining the temperature of beverages in general for up to 7 hours.

The price of this is on average 20 dollars in most ads on American websites, however, you will find this product in very advantageous promotions where it appears at 15, 13 or even 10 dollars depending on the time of the year.

You can collect several of these items in your ViajaBox account, and create shipments to save a lot on shipping. The most commonly used units of weight measurement in the United States are Pounds and Ounces. One pound is 16 ounces. The weight of this product is around 8 ounces, and if you enter three items of this in one shipment, you will pay for two pounds, and you can still bring one or two other lightweight items so that your shipment stays properly within the two pounds.

This is a simple calculation of how items like this can generate freight savings when you close a shipment in a smart way.

Stanley Coffee Tumbler with Straw

The Stanley Thermal Cup with Straw is ideal for those who prefer to consume their drinks through a straw. With a capacity of 591 ml, it is also made of double-walled stainless steel to maintain the temperature of the drink for long hours. The lid can be opened easily and has a removable, dishwasher-safe silicone straw.

Stanley Thermal Cup with Handle

With a capacity of 709 ml, this is one of the most beloved among the brand’s consumers and its large capacity really catches the eye.

Since the glass maintains the drink temperature for a longer period, it takes longer between each refill. They are products that are super resistant to washing, to the action of time and to impacts, as well as being aesthetically beautiful.

Stanley Thermal Tumbler with Bottle Opener

Stanley’s Thermos Cup with Bottle Opener is ideal for anyone who likes to drink beer or other beverages in a bottle. It has a capacity of 473 ml and is made of double-walled stainless steel to maintain the drink’s temperature for up to 4 hours. The lid can be opened with one hand and has an integrated bottle opener. This thermal cup is available in several colors and is ideal for taking on picnics or to outdoor parties.

Best sites to buy from

Stanley – This is Stanley’s official website in the USA, where you will find the largest selection of glasses from the brand. In addition, they offer free shipping on purchases over certain amounts.

However, they don’t always have promotions there, so always compare the manufacturer’s prices with the prices on the sites mentioned below.

But if you want to buy with total security and guarantee of originality of the product, Stanley’s website is the best place to start your import. Stanley products have a lifetime warranty and purchases made on the official website, offer the greatest possible backing to the buyer.

Amazon – Amazon is an excellent option for those who want to import Stanley glasses from the USA. With a good variety of products, you will find the best model for your needs. In addition, Amazon offers free shipping on thousands of items for Prime customers, plus very attractive prices.

REI – REI is a store that specializes in items for outdoor activities, and they offer several options for Stanley cups. In addition, REI also offers free shipping on many items for customers who are members of the REI Co-op program, as well as having a good return policy.

Backcountry – Backcountry is another store that specializes in general products also intended for outdoor activities, and Stanley cups are also present in their catalog. They offer free shipping on values and have a 30-day return policy.

Moosejaw – Moosejaw is another store focused on outdoor gear and clothing, and they offer an interesting selection of glasses from Stanley.

How to send your Stanley cup from the USA to any country in the world

The first step is to register at You will then have a U.S. address to receive your U.S. purchases free of charge.

The next step is to purchase your Stanley glasses from the American website of your choice using the address provided by ViajaBox, and these products will be delivered to the ViajaBox warehouse and registered to your account so you can have them shipped to your address as soon as you wish.

ViajaBox offers a forwarding service that suits your needs, with competitive pricing and insurance that can be taken out for each of the packages you send from the USA. If you want to know the shipping costs of any product in advance, access now to use the freight simulator on the initial screen of ViajaBox, as in the example below:


Stanley’s thermal cups are ideal for anyone who needs to keep drinks hot or cold for hours during outdoor activities. With their durability, quality, and functionality, these cups are great options for travel, camping, picnics, and parties. Choose the model that best suits your needs and enjoy your favorite beverages at the ideal temperature for much longer.

Don’t forget to choose a reliable parcel forwarder to ship your products from the USA to have a safe and smooth import from end to end. ViajaBox , which besides having all these attributes, has the most competitive prices among all the companies in the business.

Do you have any questions? Leave it here in the comments!


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