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Object Out for Delivery to the Recipient

Object Out for Delivery to the Recipient


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Find out what “Item Out for Delivery to the Recipient” and other important tracking information means

Have you ever wondered what it means when the tracking status shows “object left for delivery to recipient?” And how long it takes for delivery after that status? Read on to find out!

ViajaBox also gives you tips on what to do if the item has left for delivery to the recipient but has not yet arrived.

What does “object left for delivery to the addressee” mean?

This message indicates that your order is in the process of being delivered to the recipient. Soon, the responsible courier, who already has the package in hand, will drop it off at the indicated address.

“Object left for delivery to the recipient”: how long does it take?

When the order is in the final stage, it is common to feel a little anxious, isn’t it? However, if you check the tracking that the item has left for delivery to the recipient, it is very likely that the package will arrive the same day.

The object left for delivery to the recipient, but has not arrived yet: what to do?

If the item is out for delivery to the recipient and has not arrived yet, we recommend waiting until the next working day. Often, the courier may not have had enough time to fulfill all the day’s deliveries, or some unforeseen event may have prevented him from reaching your address. However, if this message keeps appearing and the recipient has not received the order, you should contact the Post Office to verify the situation.

Until what time does the Correios deliver?

It is common for both shopkeepers and customers to want to know by what time the post office delivers. Typically, deliveries take place Monday through Friday, between 8am and 5pm. Some shipping modalities, such as SEDEX, can deliver on Saturdays. The opening hours of the branches may vary from region to region, from 8am to 6pm, with possible lunchtime closings.


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