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How to import Apple Watch from the USA with help from ViajaBox in 2023

How to import Apple Watch from the USA with help from ViajaBox in 2023


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Viajabox offers the best parcel forwarding service for importing Apple Watch from the USA. With our help, you can purchase high-quality Apple products and guaranteed originality directly from the USA.

As we know, Apple products have come to dominate the top of technology. As if the unmistakable quality and design were not enough, the items from this giant have technological improvements in their DNA that make the future doubtful, since we do not know to what extent we need so much support from a machine.

And what Apple does (and does masterfully) is arouse needs in its users. Needs that you were doing fine without until then, but suddenly, you’re surfing a social network and you see an ad for one of these super products and your breath starts to change, your pupils dilate and you realize you’re in love with a pair of headphones, a watch that measures your blood pressure, a smartphone that is everything beyond just a phone!

There, you are delighted!

Is this a bad thing? Not at all! We have no immunity to what is new, what takes us by surprise. Nowadays, for (perhaps) 99% of people who have access to technologies in general, this technological immersion is almost inevitable, because we are surrounded by it.

There are nostalgic people who find all this evolution an exaggeration. We must agree, however, that many of today’s Apple items, when used wisely, can improve our daily lives.

A good example is the Apple Watch that assists the user with detailed planning and evolutionary summary of multiple physical activities, monitors blood pressure, heart rate, monitors breathing – which can be very useful for people with anxiety and stress; medication schedule, music player, sleep mapping function, and is equipped with none other than the artificial intelligence Siri.

Man, that’s a lot! These are just some of the tools of the apple watch…

Buy original Apple products directly from the USA

And if you want another interesting piece of information, Apple Watches cost much less in the US than in Brazilian stores and websites. And if you have ever thought of buying one but bumped into the price in the shop windows in Brazil, this is a great opportunity for you to have this personal assistant clipped to your wrist with help from ViajaBox.

Besides costing less in the USA, they are very light products, providing cheap shipping to your Brazilian address, since this international shipping is based on the weight of the package.

And in case you need to know the price of shipping a product to Brazil, just inform yourself about the weight of your product in kilos or pounds and insert this information in ViajaBox‘s freight simulator, exactly as shown in the video below. Or if you prefer, in our automated service on WhatsApp, there is also a very simple to use freight calculator.

If you intend to buy an Apple Watch on the manufacturer’s American site, you may face difficulties, because on Apple’s site you will not be able to finalize a purchase with a credit card from Brazil, because their system will not accept it.

For this, you can count on ViajaBox‘s Assisted Purchase. It is a very useful tool in several situations: for those who don’t have an international card, don’t have enough limit on an international card, for you who don’t have enough time to face the purchasing process or just don’t want to!

In the Assisted Purchase, ViajaBox will monitor all the product’s delivery status and if the customer wishes, he can request the product’s tracking code so that he can track the delivery together with us until the product arrives in our warehouse.

It is 100% safe! See below a video explaining this modality of purchase!

To buy Apple’s releases on another site, you will need to do good research until you get to the product you want with all your preferences such as: color, capacity, technology, among other features.

Therefore, Assisted Purchase can be the most agile solution for you to get to the ideal product when you want it, by activating this ViajaBox tool.

Buy Apple Watch from other websites

Walmart is another option in addition to the manufacturer’s website. There you will find Apple Watches in various colors, models and generations. Because of this huge variety, the prices will also be quite varied, but you will have many options by browsing the platform that is a giant of electronics in general.

At Best Buy you will also find several models of Apple Watch. From older to newer models, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The site offers competitive prices and you can save money by shopping here.

In addition, the company has good customer service, which helps a lot when it comes to solving any problem before, during, or after the purchase. The store’s return policy is also simple to request.

On eBay, as you might expect, there is a sea of options, but be sure to choose a store well enough to buy from within the platform. Give preference to sellers with good customer testimonials and who accept returns of their products if necessary.

Final considerations

With the help of Viajabox, you can have access to the latest and original Apple products directly from the USA. In addition, we offer support to ensure safe and fast product delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to import the best Apple products.

Another important point you should pay attention to when buying electronics, is to remember to request a trial of your products as soon as they arrive at ViajaBox and are registered in your account. Because if the product is defective in any way, you will have enough time to request an exchange or refund your money

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