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Complete guide to building a PC by importing parts from the USA with ViajaBox

Complete guide to building a PC by importing parts from the USA with ViajaBox


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Building a customized PC is the dream of many technology enthusiasts. But high prices and limited availability of components can often make it difficult to realize this dream. However, there is a brilliant solution: import your parts from the United States. In this guide, we’ll explore the main American sites where you can find everything you need to build the PC of your dreams. In addition, we’ll delve into the convenience of ViajaBox assisted purchasing and how parcel redirection can simplify the import process.

Assembling a customized PC offers numerous advantages, meeting the specific needs of each user. Here are some of the most common purposes, taking advantage of the import of parts and the redirection service:

1. High Performance Games with Global Options:

For gaming enthusiasts, building a customized PC is a natural choice. Modern games often require powerful hardware to deliver high-quality graphics and smooth performance. Importing high-quality components from global markets can give you access to state-of-the-art parts at more competitive prices. In addition, redirection services facilitate the delivery of components, making the process even more convenient.

2. Enhanced Video Editing and Graphic Design:

Video editing and graphic design professionals can maximize their creativity with a customized PC that includes high-quality components. Advanced GPUs and a substantial amount of RAM make work more efficient. Rerouting services help ensure that components are in perfect condition before they reach the user’s hands.

3. Work and Productivity with Efficient Delivery:

For those who carry out intensive work tasks, a customized PC with high-quality components can be adjusted to meet the demands of the software. A powerful CPU and a large amount of RAM are essential. Delivery assistance ensures that the components arrive safely at their destination.

4. Multimedia Entertainment with Enhanced Experience:

Assembling a customized PC with quality components is ideal for multimedia enthusiasts. A well-configured system with a high-quality sound card and plenty of storage is ideal for streaming music, movies and home entertainment. Delivery services ensure that the components arrive without any problems.

5. General Use with Control over the Choice of Components:

For more general-purpose users, a customized PC offers reliable performance for everyday tasks. With the ability to choose specific components, you can ensure that your PC meets your needs and avoid spending money on unnecessary resources. The delivery service simplifies the delivery of the chosen components.

Whatever the purpose, assembling a customized PC with high-quality components and the redirection service gives users total control over their chosen components and system performance. What’s more, the ability to upgrade components individually makes the customized PC a cost-effective and sustainable choice in the long term, as your needs evolve.

Why import parts from the USA?

The United States is known for having one of the largest varieties and stocks of PC components in the world. This means you can find the latest and most popular parts at highly competitive prices. In addition, many renowned manufacturers are based in the USA, guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of their products.

Top American sites for buying PC parts:


Newegg is a powerhouse in the world of purchasing electronics and PC components. With a wide and deep selection, this online retailer offers everything from the most advanced processors to the most powerful video cards. What’s more, they often have promotions and exclusive offers that can save you a lot of money.


Amazon is a household name in online shopping, and its electronics section doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find an extensive range of PC components, along with ratings and reviews from other buyers to help inform your choices.

B&H Photo Video:

Specializing in electronics and photographic equipment, B&H Photo Video is a reliable destination for technology enthusiasts. They offer an impressive range of PC components, as well as providing a dedicated support team that can answer your questions.

Micro Center:

With physical stores and a solid online presence, Micro Center is a true paradise for PC aficionados. They supply everything from state-of-the-art processors to specialized peripherals, and their sales teams are known for providing excellent customer service.


eBay is a diverse online marketplace where you can find a variety of new and used PC parts. Many US sellers ship internationally, which can open doors to finding rare pieces or limited editions at affordable prices.

These sites represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the options available to those wishing to buy PC components in the United States. The diversity of products and special offers on these sites make importing PC parts an attractive option for those looking for the best performance at competitive prices.

ViajaBox Assisted Purchase:

Assembling a PC by importing parts from the USA can seem like a daunting task, but that’s where ViajaBox comes in. This redirection and assisted purchase service makes the process easy and convenient. They provide an address in the United States where you can send your orders. ViajaBox receives your purchases and forwards them to Brazil. They also offer additional services, such as checking the condition of products and consolidating parcels to save on shipping costs.

How Redirection Helps with Imports:

Redirection is the key to success when importing PC parts from the USA. It allows you to take advantage of all the offers and varieties available on American sites, overcoming obstacles such as expensive freight and international shipping restrictions. With a reliable forwarding service like ViajaBox, you can rest assured that your parcels will be delivered safely to your door.


Assembling a PC by importing parts from the United States can be a smart move to save money and get high-quality components. With renowned websites and the assistance of ViajaBox, importing PC parts is more accessible and convenient than ever. So why wait? Start your journey to build the PC of your dreams today by enjoying the best the United States has to offer!


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