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Meet DROPSHIPPING – the best tool for online sales

Meet DROPSHIPPING – the best tool for online sales


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Hello, how are you? Today the ViajaBox Blog introduces you to Dropshipping. It is a sales format where you can sell through your online store, e-commerce, and also marketplace platforms.

And before we really get into the subject, we have to tell you that ViajaBox can help you compose all your Dropshipping logistics by storing and shipping orders directly to your customers’ addresses.

What is Dropshipping

In a nutshell, this modality allows you to use your suite at ViajaBox ‘s warehouse to store your products intended for sale. In this way you can dispense with some of the costs that we may incur to stock products.

Because ViajaBox gives you up to 90 days of free storage in its suite. This can be extended for another 30 days for a $20 fee. It is important to remember that after these 120 days of storage, the item will be considered abandoned. So always monitor the days your products are stored via the stock tab on the ViajaBox site.

Dropshipping works like this: you will ship the product you have sold from your inventory (which is your suite), direct to your customer’s address. If you have ever seen an ad for a product on Mercado Livre or some other site and you saw in the ad information that the shipping is international.

In such cases the estimated delivery time for sales like this is usually around 20 days. You must have realized that the seller would send the product directly to your address and concluded that this box would not pass through his hands.

When is it time to start Dropshipping?

The reasons for selling in this mode can be lack of space to keep an inventory; or even lack of capital to build this inventory, because some importers ship the product directly from the store to the customer’s home. This allows that person to be able to sell the product even if they don’t have the money to have the item in stock.

Always be conscious with investments and profits you may have

You have to calculate the final price of your product by being very honest with yourself, but still, the fact that you do not have to provide a space, tools, human resources, and machinery of all kinds, still presents itself as one of the main advantages of this sales format.

Be transparent with your customers

You also need to be clear enough with your audience about the delivery time, because after you receive the money, you will buy the product (if you don’t have it in stock), send it to ViajaBox ‘s warehouse, and from there to the customer’s house. Still on the subject of shipping time, we know that this process is getting faster and faster, because here in the United States itself, it takes an average of two days from the store to our warehouse to make a delivery.

Thus, the total waiting time for this order should be the average time for an international shipment, but a little faster than the other shipments, because the ViajaBox delivery in several freight modalities such as Packet Standard ImportPacket Express, among others that are very efficient and affordable as well.

Therefore, whenever you create the description of the ad for a product that will be shipped this way, try to put the average delivery time so that it is clear why this product will take a little longer to arrive than the products that these customers buy there in Brazil.

And so, also keep in mind that selling in this way you may profit a little less because you will embed the shipping cost in the final price of the product, but even so you will not fail to have good results if you work with products that can give you a good profit margin.

You have to calculate well how much these sales will earn you, because as we have seen, the freight cost in this modality is a point that deserves attention. If you buy 10 computer memories in the U.S., you can ship those 10 items in one box directly to your home; but if you sell a memory to ship from your suite directly to the customer’s home, you will have to pay freight for only one unit of that memory, so it may not be worth it.

This is an example of a product that may not give you a profit if you sell in this mode. So what you should do is to research well the products you are going to work with, because there are items whose average profit is much higher than on others. For example: watches and cell phones are examples of good items to sell in this modality. Especially newer generation cell phones are not found as easily as devices that are already a few years old on the market.

Original products from the USA are the most desired

Dropshipping is a good option to start your business. All you have to do is create your ads and specify that your sales are made on demand. And besides, you will sell a product with guaranteed certification because you will be importing directly from the United States, and I say this because there are many dropshipping sellers bringing products from China, whose quality we know is not the best in many cases.

Then you will always have this factor in your favor, because you will be one of the few working with original products, and the feedback from your customers in the comments on your ads will improve your reputation in a way that this delivery time will not seem to be a problem for you to increase the amount of your buyers, because what most people want is to find quality products like the ones you sell.

Because as much as the world today is modern and computerized, there are still some people who are afraid to buy imported products because they think that some unforeseen thing can happen on the way of the order or even are in doubt if some products from online stores are originals, but buying from the United States, you will know that most sites that assure you the originality of the products that you buy, and this way it will not take long for your business to become known by the high level of confidence in the products you sell.


Now that you know this way of selling, you can always count on a good parcel forwarder to ship your products from the USA to your address, and the ViajaBox is among the best redirectors in the United States with over seven years of experience and more than 150,000 castrated customers…

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