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Tune in to the Fun: Why Importing Headphones from the United States is a Technologically Smart Choice

Tune in to the Fun: Why Importing Headphones from the United States is a Technologically Smart Choice


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Have you ever been enchanted by the latest models of headphones launched in the United States, but worried about the complexity of importing them? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting world of importing headphones from the USA, highlighting the advantages of using Viajabox as your ally and how assisted purchasing can be the solution for those without an international card. Get ready for a technological journey full of surprises!

The Magic of American Headphones

The United States has always been a cradle of technological innovation, and this extends to headphones. Brands such as Apple, Bose, Sony and Beats by Dre have launched products that make audio aficionados around the world sigh with desire. But why import headphones from the United States?

Variety of Models: In the United States, the diversity of headphone models is truly astonishing. You’ll find everything from classic over-ear headphones to the lightest and most compact earbuds. What’s more, the range of color and style options is as vast as your imagination allows, allowing you to choose not only on the basis of performance, but also on the basis of the aesthetics that best match your personal style.

Constant Innovation: The land of Uncle Sam is a boiling cauldron of creativity in the world of audio technology. Based on American soil, leading companies are always one step ahead when it comes to introducing revolutionary new features. This means that by importing headphones from the US, you’ll be at the forefront of technological trends, experimenting with innovations before they even reach the global market.

Superior Sound Quality: When it comes to sound quality, the USA has an enviable reputation. American headphones are designed to provide an unparalleled listening experience. Crystal clarity, deep bass and crisp highs are just some of the features that make these devices a sensational choice for audiophiles and music lovers the world over. Get ready to dive into an ocean of musical notes with a wealth of detail you’ve never experienced before.

Competitive prices: Here’s the best-kept secret: many headphones in the US are remarkably affordable, even when compared to models of similar quality elsewhere in the world. The healthy competition between brands and the presence of regular discounts make importing an economical option that won’t break your pocket. You can enjoy cutting-edge audio technology without paying exorbitant prices. What could be more tempting than that?

Viajabox: The Road to Technological Fun

Now that you’re convinced that importing headphones from the USA is a smart choice, let’s talk about how to do it as easily and efficiently as possible, using Viajabox as your trusted partner.

Viajabox is a parcel forwarding company that simplifies the import process. How does it work? Well, it’s simpler than you might think:

US address: Viajabox provides you with a delivery address in the USA. This means that you can buy online from any American store, such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Receiving and Storage: They receive your order on your behalf and store it in their warehouse in the USA. This is useful if you are expecting several orders from different stores.

Global Redirection: Once all your parcels have arrived, Viajabox groups them into a single shipment and sends them to your international address. This saves money on individual shipping fees.

Real-time tracking: You can track your package as it travels around the world. So you always know where your headphones are.

Assisted Purchase for All!

This is Viajabox‘s great asset: assisted purchasing. If you don’t have an international card or are unsure about how to make a purchase in the USA, Viajabox is ready to help. With their specialized team, they can make the purchase for you, ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

So, if you’re wondering how to get those amazing American headphones, even without an international card, the answer is simple: Viajabox!

Take a look at some of the best models:

Edifier W800BT:

The Edifier W800BT headphones are the definition of quality and elegance. With top-level finishing details, they won the prestigious IF Design Award in 2018, solidifying their position as the best headphones available.

However, the real highlight is its incredible battery life, offering up to 55 hours of continuous playback at up to 80% volume. If the battery runs out, you can continue using the wired headset. This combination of style, quality and battery life makes the Edifier W800BT an incomparable choice for music and technology lovers. Elevate your musical experience with this exceptional headset.

JBL Tune 110:

The JBL Tune 110 is a real revelation in the world of headphones, combining an affordable price with amazing sound quality thanks to JBL Pure Bass technology. This device not only offers deep, powerful bass, but is also an example of the reliability that the JBL brand provides.

It also stands out for its exceptional comfort, providing a perfect ergonomic fit for long listening sessions. The noise isolation is impressive, allowing you to concentrate solely on your music. And to make the experience even more convenient, it has a button that lets you control the music and answer calls with ease.

Sony MDR-ZX310AP:

The Sony MDR-ZX310AP headset is a high-performance audio device, covering a wide frequency range from 10 to 24000 Hz. It offers sound quality that will satisfy even the most demanding ears, although it’s not the most affordable option. Its foldable design and comfortable cushions provide fit and noise isolation, while the metallic finish and gold-plated connector add elegance. Available in several colors, this Sony headset offers an exceptional sonic and visual experience.

AKG K72: Exceptional Sound for Musicians and Music Lovers

The AKG K72 headset is the ideal choice for musicians and music lovers who value exceptional sound quality. With a modern design, self-adjusting temples and closed shells with comfortable cushions, it offers high-quality sound insulation.

With a wide frequency range of 16 to 20000 Hz, it exceeds the market average, capturing musical nuances. It also provides comfort during long listening sessions. The AKG K72 is the perfect sound partner for professionals and enthusiasts looking for sound excellence.


In this article, we explore why importing headphones from the United States is an advantageous choice for technology lovers. From the wide variety of models and constant innovations to the superior sound quality and competitive prices, the United States stands out as a destination for audio enthusiasts. And to make this process even simpler and more accessible, Viajabox has stepped in, offering a reliable parcel forwarding service and, for those without an international card, assisted purchasing.

So if you’re ready to tune in to the fun and take your audio experience to the next level, don’t hesitate to consider importing headphones from the United States with the help of Viajabox. This way, you’ll not only have access to the latest innovations in audio technology, but you’ll also enjoy the thrill of acquiring them easily and efficiently. Don’t let geographical boundaries limit your love of music and technology – enjoy the world of possibilities that importing and Viajabox offer!


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