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How to buy components to build a PC Gamer directly from the USA?

How to buy components to build a PC Gamer directly from the USA?


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Gaming enthusiasts know that it is essential to have a high-performance computer to run games smoothly and get a satisfying gaming experience. However, the prices of gaming PCs make this dream a reality for few.

In addition, some machines, even if they are gaming-specific, often do not meet the individual needs of players aiming for certain levels. For these reasons, most prefer to buy parts and assemble their own customized computer. As the values of the components in Brazil are not attractive, the best option is to import them. Want to know where to find and how to buy the ideal parts to build the perfect gamer PC? Read on and check out our guidance!

Have reliable sources for purchasing parts

Sourcing parts from trusted suppliers is crucial to ensure that they are original and of high quality, as well as ensuring a safe purchase.

In general, US stores offer the widest range of gaming products, combining quality with affordability. Among them, Amazon is the most popular, recognized for its vast selection of games and computer components. Discover other sites worth visiting:

Best Buy: a chain of stores specializing in computer products, with the most current items;

GameStop: one of the largest electronics stores in the United States, offering parts, consoles, games, cell phones and collectibles;

BH: is one of the leading stores in the general electronics segment. It has a catalog to envy, as it covers practically all the departments of a good store in the industry. It is a site highly frequented by photographers, audio and video editors, musicians, sound technicians, among others.

Adorama: this store is another giant in the world of electronics. It is well worth comparing prices and options by visiting this website.

Understand the costs

It is important to know all the expenses involved in addition to the cost of the goods when making the purchase, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Know that you can pay tax on products imported from abroad, and a smart and cautious way to carry out your imports is to separate a slice of your money to bear any possible taxes.

Even with these additional costs, it is still advantageous to purchase parts to assemble your PC Gamer directly from the United States, due to the cost-benefit ratio.

And beyond the financial advantages of bringing products from the US, you still have access to the latest releases and the most diverse product options in the niche.

Use a parcel forwarding service

Many stores do not ship products directly to Brazil or charge high shipping fees, making the purchase unfeasible. Therefore, the best option is to use a parcel forwarding service.

In addition to allowing you to choose the most economical or fastest shipping method, this service makes it possible to consolidate several parcels into a single package, which significantly reduces costs. Creating an account with a redirector such as ViajaBox guarantees the safe, fast and economical receipt of orders, with the guarantee of the quality of the pieces.

Now that you know how to buy original parts economically, directly from the United States, follow our tips to find the best and most modern components! Remember to research suppliers well, keep an eye on payments and save on shipping by using a redirection service.

Did you like the information? Get in touch with our team of import experts and find out how we can help you!


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